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How To Get A Blesser?

What Is A Blesser?

A “blesser” is a term used in South Africa to describe an older, usually wealthy man who provides expensive gifts and money to someone in exchange for companionship or sexual favours. These arrangements are often seen as transactional relationships because of the unequal power dynamics involved.

The Pros And Cons Of Being A Blesser

Being a blesser can be both rewarding and challenging. On one hand, it allows you access to luxurious experiences that you may not otherwise have had without having to invest your own money into them. It also gives you more time with someone whose company you enjoy, which can be beneficial if the relationship is based on mutual respect and understanding of boundaries.

On the other hand, there are certain risks associated with being a blesser such as legal repercussions if any laws are broken due to the arrangement, potential emotional consequences from entering into an unbalanced relationship dynamic or even physical harm depending on what kind of agreement was made between both parties. There is also the risk that either party could use this arrangement for their own gain rather than seeing it as mutually beneficial situation where both parties benefit equally from it.

How To Get A Blesser

Finding a blesser can be tricky since they don’t typically advertise themselves publicly or look for partners online like some people do with dating apps; instead most blessings take place through word-of-mouth referrals and social circles so starting by networking at high-end events might help get your foot in the door (though make sure all interactions remain professional). Additionally, creating an online presence could potentially attract potential blessing prospects but keep in mind that many people would prefer meeting someone offline first before forming any kind of agreement so using discretion when sharing personal information about yourself over digital platforms is highly recommended!

Alternatively, there are now companies dedicated solely towards connecting individuals who want to become blessers with those seeking blessings which makes finding prospective matches much easier than relying solely on luck or chance encounters – these services often come at a cost however so budgeting accordingly beforehand may be necessary.

Tips For Finding & Maintaining The Perfect Blessing Relationship

Once you find possible candidates for becoming your blessing partner there are few key things worth considering: Firstly establish clear expectations upfront – make sure both parties understand exactly what’s expected out of each other whether its financial support only or something more intimate/longterm; secondly always ensure safety precautions like getting tested regularly especially if engaging sexually together; finally set boundaries around communication i.e how frequently will discussions occur etc so everyone knows what’s expected our them once again making sure everything remains consensual throughout!

Overall finding & maintaining successful blessing relationships isn’t easy but with proper research & preparation it definitely helps reduce stress while increasing chances of success dramatically! Just remember that although these types of arrangements offer great rewards they should never replace genuine connections nor should anyone ever feel pressured into accepting anything they’re uncomfortable doing – always stay safe & protect yourself first no matter what type of interaction takes place!

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