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How To Get A Bee Certificate?

The Benefits of Bee Certification in South Africa

Being a certified business in South Africa carries many benefits. The B-BBEE (Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment) scheme is designed to help businesses become more competitive and make it easier for them to access government contracts, grants and other opportunities. A B-BBEE certificate will show potential customers that your company is committed to the development of the country, as well as being socially responsible. It also serves as proof that you’re an ethical organisation with strong corporate governance practices.

What is a B-BBEE Certificate?

A B-BBEE certificate, also known as a “Bee Certificate”, indicates that your business has achieved certain economic transformation goals set out by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). To obtain one, your company must prove its commitment to creating employment opportunities for previously disadvantaged groups such as black people or women; developing skills among these groups; actively encouraging local procurement from designated areas; promoting enterprise development amongst micro enterprises; investing in socio-economic projects within communities; adhering to ethical principles such as good corporate governance practices; and investing in research & development initiatives. To get this certification you need evidence which can be provided through various documents such as financial statements or social audits etc. Once all criteria have been met – then your business can receive their bee certificate!

How Do I Get Certified?

In order to obtain a bee certification for your business firstly you will need register on the DTI website – where there are forms available online which need completing before applying for accreditation services. Companies should provide all necessary documentation showing they meet each criterion listed above including: Financial Statements/Projections/Training Plans/Policies & Procedures etc…Once submitted – typically applications take around 3 weeks before receiving feedback from DTI regarding whether their application has been successful or not! If successful – certifications last 3 years but companies must continue meeting all criteria outlined above throughout this period otherwise their certification may be revoked at any time without warning!


Getting certified by the Department of Trade and Industry isn’t just beneficial when trying to secure government contracts or grant funding. Having this recognition tells customers that you’re an ethically responsible organisation who takes into consideration how its operations impact society at large – something consumers now increasingly value when choosing where they spend their money! With so much competition out there – having a Bee Certificate could give businesses the edge they need over competitors…so don’t delay – start looking into getting yours today!!

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