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How To Find Vodacom Number?


Have you ever lost track of your Vodacom number? It can be a frustrating experience to try and find it, especially when you need to transfer money or call someone. Fortunately, there is an easy way to locate your Vodacom number without having to contact customer service. In this blog article we will discuss the various ways in which you can easily find your Vodacom number.

Checking Your Bill

The easiest way to locate your Vodacom number is by checking your monthly bill. When you receive a new bill each month from Vodacom, it should include all the information related to the account such as the phone’s serial number (IMEI), SIM card details and most importantly – your cell phone’s unique telephone number associated with that particular contract/account. This will make it easier for you if ever need reference any of these pieces of information going forward!

Voda App

If for some reason, checking through bills isn’t an option – don’t worry! You can also use MyVoda app on both Android and iOS devices in order to quickly look up all sorts of useful info about yourself including; active contracts/plans, payment history and even how much data has been used so far during that calendar month! The best part is that once logged into MyVoda app under ‘My Account’ section – users are able view their mobile numbers along with relevant subscription details like expiry dates etc…

Contact Customer Service

Finally if none of the above options work for whatever reason – customers can always get in touch directly with customer support team over at either 082135 or dial *111# from their own phones while still connected onto network (prepaid). This allows customers quick access within minutes whether they want general enquiries answered about products on offer or more specific questions like finding out their current balance due etc…


In conclusion, locating one’s own personal cellular phone numbers associated with any given contract/plan isn’t as difficult as many people may assume. With options ranging from looking through past-bills all way up contacting customer service reps – finding a vodacom number couldn’t be easier than now!

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