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How To Find A Song That Played On 5fm?

What is 5FM?

5FM is a popular South African radio station that plays music from various genres. The station broadcasts to cities across the country and can be listened to online as well. It also hosts regular competitions and live events.

How To Find A Song That Played On 5fm

If you’ve ever heard a song on the radio but couldn’t remember its name, or just wanted to find out more about it, then this guide will help you locate it! Here are some tips for finding songs that have been played on 5FM:

Check Out The Playlists

The official website for the station has daily playlists of all the songs they’ve broadcasted in each genre. You can go through them and see if any of them match what you heard on air. This should give you an idea of which artist or track was playing at the time so you can search further for it online.

Use Music Recognition Software

There are lots of apps available now that allow users to record short snippets of audio from their phones and then identify what song is playing based on sound recognition algorithms. Try using one of these apps and see if it identifies your mystery tune!

Search For Lyrics Online

If you do know some lyrics from the song, try searching for those lyrics online – there may be forums or websites with people discussing what they think the track could be or where they found it etc., which should give you enough clues to narrow down your search results until finally locating your elusive tune!

Ask Fellow Listeners On Social Media

If none of these methods work, why not reach out directly to fellow listeners who were listening at the same time as yourself? Use social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook – there are always lots of people sharing their experiences with certain tracks so someone might have heard yours too! Ask around in relevant groups/pages too if possible – chances are someone else knows something about it that could lead you towards finding out its title & artist details eventually… Good luck in your quest!

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