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How To Extend Rdp House?

What is Rdp Housing?

RDP housing, also known as Reconstruction and Development Programme housing, is a South African government-funded programme that provides low-cost rental homes for qualifying individuals. The initiative was introduced in 1994 to address post-apartheid poverty and inequality issues within the country. It has since become one of the largest social housing programmes in sub-Saharan Africa with more than 3 million households currently benefiting from it.

Who Qualifies For RDP Housing?

To qualify for an RDP house, applicants must meet certain criteria set by the Department of Human Settlements (DHS). These include: having a total household income below a certain threshold; being over 18 years old; not already owning or occupying any other property; and living in South Africa for at least five years or more. Additionally, prospective tenants must have valid identification documents such as passports or IDs provided by Home Affairs.

How To Extend Rdp House

Once you are approved to receive an RDP house, there are several different ways you can extend your stay beyond its initial lease period. Here’s what you need to know about extending your stay:

1) Renew Your Lease Agreement

The first option available to tenants who wish to continue living in their RDP home is renewing their existing lease agreement when it expires. In most cases this process simply involves filling out paperwork confirming that both tenant and landlord agree on continuing the tenancy arrangement under the same terms as before – meaning no rent increases unless agreed upon beforehand between both parties involved.. However, this won’t be possible if either party wishes to make changes regarding payment amount or length of lease etc., so be sure all these details are discussed prior signing anything new!

2) Apply For A Longer Lease Period

If you would like longer than just another year then applying for a longer lease period may be an option worth considering – especially if you plan on staying put long term (5+ years). This type of request will typically require additional paperwork which includes proving why exactly they need/want a longer tenure e.g providing evidence showing employment stability etc.. The DHS reserves right reject any applications which don’t meet necessary criteria but generally speaking most extensions should be granted without too much difficulty!

3) Purchase The Property From The Government

Ultimately if none of above appeal then purchasing property outright could always been considered – whilst far costlier upfront it allows greater flexibility down road with regards making modifications etc.. Depending where located prices vary significantly however average cost land around $20k USD per hectare while residential units range anywhere between $500-$1000 USD each depending size condition etc… That said financing options usually exist those unable pay entire amount up front so definitely something consider!

In conclusion, there many ways extend current rdp housestay beyond initial leasing period whether through renewal agreement application longer leases even outright purchase… Each approach comes own pros cons course ultimately decision yours make based unique circumstances budget availability time frame requirements etc… Good luck !

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