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How To Deactivate Private Number On Telkom?


Have you ever been in a situation where your phone number has been made public and you receive numerous calls from unknown numbers? Have you tried to deactivate private number on Telkom but failed? If so, this article is just what you need! In this blog we are going to discuss how to deactivate Private Number on Telkom.

How To Deactivate Private Number On Telkom

1. Contact the Telkom customer service team: The first step towards deactivating your private number is contacting the Telkom customer service team. You can dial 100 from any landline phone or 0800 835 265 for mobiles and explain them why do you want to deactivate your private number. Once they understand your concern, they will initiate the process of removing it from their database.

2. Visit a nearby store: Another option available with customers who wish to remove their private number is visiting a local store near them that sells products of Telkom South Africa and speak with one of their representatives about removing the private line feature from their account profile. They should be able to help out with this query easily as it doesn’t involve any technical complexities whatsoever.


Payment Of Fee

: Customers may be required byTelkomanalyze an additional fee if they choose to disable theirprivatelinefeaturefromtheiraccountprofile .Thisfeeisusuallyvery nominalandcanbepaidbycashorcardatanyTelkmstorenearyou . However ,itisonlyapplicableiftheprivatenumberhasbeenactivefor more than6monthsinthecustomer’saccountprofile .


The Benefits Of Removing A Private Line Feature From Your Account Profile

:Removingaprivatelinefeaturefromyouraccountprofiledoesnotonlyensurethatyoudonotreceiveunwantedcallsbutalsooffersvariousotherbenefits . Someofthemare listedbelow :
•Itreduces thenumberofannoyingtelemarketingcallsandspamtextsmessagesreceivedonyourphone . •Ithelpskeepyourphonenumbergenerallysafeandsecureaslongasyouhaveremovedtheprivatelinemodeenabledforyoursmartphone/cellularnumber . •Youwill havebettercontroloverwhocancontactyouandyourfamilymembersaswellaswhoissendingmessagesto ouyourphonesdirectlywithouthavingtogothroughthenetworkproviderfirst 5.


We hopethisarticlehashelpedyoutounderstandhowtodeactivatetheprivatenumberonTelko mSouthAfricaandsomeofthebenefitsofdoingso . Althoughtheremaybeafewtechnicalitiesinvolvedinsettingupa privategroupwithina telecomnetwork ,mostpeoplefinditquiteeasytocarryoutthistaskonceithastobeendiscussedclearlywiththetelcoservicerepresentativeorbyvisitingoneofthelocalstoressellingproductsrelatedtoTelko mSouthAfrica

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