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How To Cook Trotters?

What Are Trotters?

Trotters are a particular type of meat that comes from the feet and ankles of animals, such as pigs or cows. In South Africa, they are widely used in traditional dishes like isitambu (ox-tail stew), umngqusho (sweetcorn and samp) and chakalaka (spicy vegetable relish). They can also be boiled and served with tomato sauce as a snack.

Health Benefits of Eating Trotters

Trotters may not seem very appetizing at first glance but they actually offer many health benefits. For starters, trotters are high in protein which helps build muscle mass, reduce cholesterol levels and boost bone strength. Additionally, trotter contains essential minerals like iron, zinc and magnesium which help regulate the immune system. It’s also packed with B vitamins that support energy production in the body so it’s an excellent source of energy for those who need it most!

How To Cook Trotters

Cooking trotter can be quite easy once you know what to do – simply follow these steps:

1) Start by washing your trotter thoroughly under running water to remove any dirt or debris before cooking them. This will ensure it cooks evenly without leaving any unwanted flavors behind!

2) Place your washed trottlers into a large pot filled with enough cold water to cover them completely then bring this up to boil over medium heat before reducing down to low heat until fully cooked through – about two hours depending on size/quantity being cooked.

3) Once cooked through drain off all excess liquid then season generously with salt & pepper if desired before serving either hot or cold alongside other accompaniments such as vegetables or rice dishes for an added flavor kick!

4) Enjoy!

Note: If you’re looking for something more adventurous than just boiling your trottlers why not try braising them instead? This method requires adding ingredients like onions/garlic/carrots etc along with some good quality stock into the pot during cooking time; making sure everything is covered by liquid while simmering away slowly on low heat until tender yet still juicy inside – amazing results guaranteed everytime!


Trottlers provide many health benefits when eaten regularly so don’t forget to add them into your meal rotation next time you’re planning out meals for yourself or family members alike – enjoy responsibly & happy eating everyone 🙂

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