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How To Cook Pork Trotters?

What Are Pork Trotters?

Pork trotters are the feet of a pig and are often referred to as pigs’ feet. They have been a popular dish for centuries in South Africa, being cooked up with various herbs and spices to create a delicious meal. The trotters can be boiled, roasted or braised, depending on what you prefer.

Preparing The Trotters

Before cooking pork trotters it is important that they are properly prepared. Start by washing them thoroughly with cold water before scrubbing off any dirt or debris from the skin with an abrasive brush or scourer pad. Once clean, trim away any excess fat and discard it before patting dry with kitchen paper towels. Finally, score each piece of the trotter using a sharp knife which will help make sure all areas cook evenly when cooked in the oven later on.

Boiling The Trotters

One way to cook pork trotters is by boiling them in salted water until tender – this usually takes around an hour but may vary depending on how large your pieces are. To enhance flavour further add some vegetables such as onions, carrots and celery stalks into the pot along with garlic cloves if desired during cooking time – these will also help tenderize the meat further too! When ready remove from heat and allow cooling before serving either hot or cold (either works well).

Roasting And Braising The Trotter

For those who would like their pork trotterers slightly crunchier then roasting is recommended: preheat an oven at 180 degrees Celsius; rub oil onto both sides of each piece together with seasoning such as salt & pepper; place onto greased baking tray lined parchment paper; bake for 25 minutes turning halfway through cooking time; once golden brown serve alongside accompaniments such as mash potatoes or green beans if desired! Alternatively braise them instead by adding stock into slow cooker/casserole dish together with seasoning – leave to simmer for 3-4 hours stirring occasionally until fork-soft throughout (this method works especially well when making pulled pork!)


No matter whether you decide to boil, roast or braise your pork trotterers there’s no denying that this classic South African dish makes for a truly delicious meal every single time! For best results try experimenting with different flavours including herbs/spices so everyone can enjoy something unique yet equally tasty – bon appetit everyone!

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