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How To Cook Chicken Necks?

What Are Chicken Necks?

Chicken necks are a popular type of poultry dish found in many parts of the world, particularly South Africa. They are made up of neck bone and skin with very little meat on them, making them an incredibly cost-effective cut of chicken to use. Not only that, but they also contain plenty of collagen which can be beneficial for joints and bones as well as being packed full of flavour when cooked correctly.

Ingredients Needed To Cook Chicken Necks

When cooking chicken necks you will need: 1 kg (4-5lbs) fresh or frozen chicken necks; 2 tablespoons olive oil; salt and pepper; garlic powder (optional); herbs/spices (optional).

How To Prepare The Chicken Necks For Cooking

If using fresh chicken necks, rinse off any dirt or debris from the surface before patting dry with a paper towel. If using frozen chicken necks, let it thaw completely in the fridge overnight before rinsing off any ice residue and patting dry with paper towels. Once prepped, season generously with salt and pepper on both sides before adding optional spices such as garlic powder or herbs if desired.

Cooking The Chicken Necks

Heat two tablespoons olive oil in a large skillet over medium heat then add your seasoned chicken necks to the pan once hot enough to sizzle when dropped into it – this should take around 5 minutes total depending on how thick you have sliced your pieces for cooking. Fry each side until golden brown – about 3 minutes per side – flipping halfway through for even colouring across all surfaces. Remove cooked pieces from heat onto a plate lined with kitchen roll (paper towel) to absorb excess fat left behind after frying then serve while still warm either by itself or alongside other accompaniments such as rice/vegetables etc.. Enjoy!

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