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How To Cook Chicken Feet South African Style?


Chicken feet are a popular dish in South Africa. They have been enjoyed for centuries and their popularity has grown as more people appreciate the unique flavors and textures of this traditional food. In this article, we’ll look at how to cook chicken feet South African style so that you can enjoy them as part of your own culinary repertoire.

What Are Chicken Feet?

Chicken feet are the edible parts of poultry that include toes, claws, nails, pads, scales or spurs on the bottom side of a bird’s legs. Although they may not be appetizing to some people due to their appearance or texture, they offer an interesting flavor and texture when cooked correctly. When boiled for long periods of time over low heat with spices such as garlic, onion powder or cumin added to enhance flavor, these small morsels can make for an enjoyable snack or meal accompaniment.

Preparation Tips For Cooking Chicken Feet

When preparing chicken feet for cooking it is important to first clean them properly by removing any dirt and fat from around the claws before boiling in salted water until tender (around 40 minutes). Once cooked through it is best to remove all skin from the feet before adding your preferred seasoning mix (garlic powder/onion powder/cumin etc) along with any other condiments you desire such as hot sauce or Worcestershire sauce depending on personal preference. Finally deep fry in oil until golden brown and serve warm!

Serving Suggestions

There are many ways one can enjoy chicken feet – either plain boiled with salt & pepper; lightly fried; barbecued; stewed in tomato-based sauces; served cold atop salads; pickled; chopped up into small pieces then mixed into omelets – the possibilities are endless! However most commonly they tend to be served alongside mielie pap (maize porridge) which helps provide balance between salty savory flavors while providing carbohydrates necessary for energy production throughout day-to-day activities .


In conclusion if you ever wanted know how prepare delicious dish using chicken feet then following steps outlined above should set well path towards achieving tasty results every time! Whether it’s enjoying simple boiled version alone family members friends alike there no denying that this particular type food offers something truly special occasion where everyone wins out end result being satisfied stomachs happy hearts !

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