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How To Convert Cell C Airtime To Data?

What is Cell C Airtime?

Cell C airtime is a South African mobile phone network that provides prepaid, post-paid and contract services. It also offers several other services such as internet access, SMS messaging, international roaming and more. Cell C airtime can be purchased in increments of R5 or R10 from certain retailers or online. Once you have purchased the airtime it can then be used to make calls, send text messages and browse the internet on your cell phone.

How To Convert Cell C Airtime To Data

If you are looking for ways to convert your Cell C airtime into data then read on! Converting your airtime into data has many advantages since it allows you to use it for browsing the web or downloading apps without spending additional money on expensive data bundles. Here’s how you can do it:

Step 1: Dial *147#

The first step is to dial *147# using your cellphone keypad – this will give you access to the ‘My Menu’ where all conversion options are listed. You should see something like this:

My Menu Balance (R) xxx Select Option:
1 – Transfer Money 2 – Buy Bundles 3 – Data/Airtime Conversion 4 – Services 5– Check Reward Points 6- Exit
Please enter option number eg 1 for transfer money :

Step 2: Choose Option 3 For Conversion

Once you have dialled *147# select option 3 which says “Data/Airtime Conversion” This will take you to another menu with different conversion options available such as converting from voice minutes, SMSes etc., but we are interested in converting our Airtime so choose option 4 by entering 4 when prompted. You should now see something like this below:

Data/Airtime Conversion Balance (R):xxx Select Option: 1 – Convert Voice Minutes 2 – Convert SMS’s 3 – Convert Airtime 4 – Back 5– Exit Please enter option number e g ‘1’ for convert voice minutes :

Step 3 : Enter Amount Of AirTime To Be Converted

Next , enter amount of AirTime that needs to be converted . You will get an instant notification telling how much data was received after successful conversion . Voila ! Your AirTime has been successfully converted into Data ! Enjoy surfing the web !

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