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How To Connect A Generator To A Db Board?


Generators are a great backup energy source for homes and businesses, providing reliable power when the grid is down. However, connecting a generator to your db board requires some technical knowledge in order to ensure that it’s done correctly and safely. This article will provide an overview of how to connect a generator to a db board in South Africa.

Safety First

Before attempting any kind of electrical work at home or onsite, it is important to follow safety protocols and take appropriate precautions. If you are not confident with working around electricity then it is best to get professional help from an electrician who has experience dealing with generators and db boards.

Things To Consider Before You Start

– Ensure that the generator being used is suitable for the load required by the equipment connected (check manufacturer’s specifications)
– Make sure all connections are secure and properly insulated
– Check all wires before connection for any signs of damage such as cuts or burns

How To Connect A Generator To A Db Board

1. Shut off the main switch: It is important that you disconnect from mains supply before attempting any work on your db board or generato rconnections; this means turning off your main switch which should be found near where you have installed your DB box/board usually outside somewhere close by.. The main switch will typically say something like ‘Main Switch’ or ‘Mains Off’ depending on what type of box/board you have installed previously so make sure you locate this first! Once switched off there should also be no power going through other switches inside either as these may still be connected even though they look switched off – always double check!

2. Connecting up leads: Depending on what type of generator /db board set up you have purchased, there should be two sets of cables provided – one set connects from the DB Box/Board directly into the wall sockets & another set goes between each appliance & its respective socket . Now using these cables connect them all together following instructions provided along with kit itself ensuring everything is plugged in securely without gaps between connections & clips attached firmly onto plugs etc…(If unsure about doing this part please consult qualified electrician). In addition if applicable add surge protectors both sides just incase sudden surges occur during operation as these can cause significant damage otherwise! Finally double check again every connection made once completed making sure nothing was missed out otherwise system won’t start functioning properly when turned back ON again later…

3 Change over mechanism: Most generators come equipped with changeover mechanisms (usually toggle switches) which allow switching between mains & generator automatically once unit starts producing usable voltage level e.g 15volts +/- 5%. When setting up don’t forget configure settings accordingly especially if purchasing new model else end result could mean having constantly flick toggle manually back forth whenever wanting use alternative source energy – not ideal situation especially during emergency situations when time isn’t luxury available! So make sure install according instruction booklet given alongside purchase item prior connecting anything else up further below steps….

4 Final Connection Setup : Now comes most crucial step considering entire process cannot begin until finalised namely actually plugging device into actual wall outlets located elsewhere within property i.e kitchen bedroom etcetera… Unplug existing cable running direct into wall outlet leading straightmains supply & replace same lead coming instead now originating from DB Board via switch panel mentioned above earlier point [point 3]. Once done turn master switch ‘ON’ (located back near DB Box itself) wait few seconds see lights flicker indicating working successfully ! If doesn’t happen immediately try again checking thoroughly whether setup correct way round after re-checking manual supplied visuals diagrams just case upside down mistake made while installing parts earlier stages…       
                                                                            Please note – Professional help may need sought out if problems persist despite following instructions here but hopefully aforesaid tips prove useful starting point least aiding successful installation own domestic Generator System !! Good luck !

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