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How To Check Voicemail On Vodacom?

What is Vodacom?

Vodacom is a South African mobile network provider that offers voice, data and messaging services to its customers. It is the largest mobile operator in South Africa with over 41 million subscribers. The company provides prepaid and postpaid services as well as international roaming and other value added services such as voicemail. In this article, we will explore how to check your voicemail on Vodacom.

How To Check Voicemail On Vodacom

There are two ways you can access your voicemails on Vodacom: through the phone or online via MyVoda app. Here’s how to do it:

Option 1: Checking Voicemails Via Phone

1. Dial *101# from your cell phone then press ‘Call’ or ‘Send’. This will take you directly into the main menu of Voicemail where you can enter further commands;

2. Press ‘5’ for messages;

3. Enter your PIN number when prompted;

4. You should now be able to listen to any new messages left in your mailbox;

5 Follow the instructions provided by the automated system for managing each message (e.g., saving/deleting).

Option 2: Checking Voicemails Online Through MyVoda App

If you have downloaded and installed the MyVoda app onto your device, follow these steps:

1 Log-in into MyVoda using either Facebook Connect or by entering an existing username & password combination if one already exists for you;

2 Select “My Services” tab from home page of app ;

3 Select “Voicemail” option ;

4 Enter PIN code associated with account ;

5 Listen to any new messages left in mailbox & follow onscreen instructions given by automated system for managing each message (e .g .saving / deleting). 6 Exit out once finished listening / managing all incoming messages . There are also some additional features available like Caller ID blocking which ensures that calls made from blocked numbers won’t show up in caller history & can only be accessed through specific PIN codes set up beforehand . Additionally , users also have choice of setting custom greetings depending upon callers identity or time/ day when they dialed into their mailbox .

Conclusion: With these simple tips, checking voicemails on Vodacom has never been easier!

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