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How To Check Subscriptions On Telkom Mobile?


For many South African mobile users, Telkom Mobile has become a popular choice for mobile services. With its reliable coverage and competitive prices, it’s no surprise that the network has gained such a strong following in recent years. However, there are times when you may need to check what subscriptions or packages you have with Telkom Mobile, so we’ll discuss how to do this here today.

Checking Subscriptions Through The App

The easiest way to keep track of your Telkom Mobile subscription is through the app; all you need to do is download it on either Android or iOS devices. Once inside the app itself, simply go into ‘My Account’ and then select ‘Subscriptions’. From here you can view all relevant information about your current subscription as well as any pending ones which may be due shortly. You can also modify existing plans or cancel them entirely if needed by selecting the relevant option from within this page.

Checking Subscriptions Online

If downloading an app isn’t something that appeals to you then rest assured that checking your subscriptions online is just as easy! All that’s required is logging in using your account details (or registering for one if necessary) and once logged in navigating over to ‘My Account’ again – but this time selecting ‘Manage Subscription’. Similarly to within the app itself, from here you will be able to see what packages/subscriptions you currently have active as well changing/cancelling them too if desired.


Telkom Mobile makes it incredibly easy for customers both old and new alike keep up-to-date on their ongoing subscriptions through either their free downloadable application or via their website where they can log in directly without having any special software installed at all – very convenient indeed!

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