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How To Check Number On Telkom?

Quick Summary

This comprehensive blog post provides step-by-step instructions on how to check your number on Telkom in South Africa and Telkom Kenya. It covers various methods such as dialing USSD codes, using the Telkom website and mobile app, sending SMS and WhatsApp messages, and accessing self-service portals. Additionally, it includes information on checking balances, recharging accounts, requesting call backs, and troubleshooting common issues.


Welcome to Askly, your go-to source for answers to common questions. In this blog post, we will provide you with comprehensive information on how to check your number on Telkom. Whether you are a Telkom customer in South Africa or Kenya, we’ve got you covered.

Telkom is a leading telecommunications company that offers various services such as voice calls, SMS messaging, data connectivity and digital financial services. Checking your number may seem like a simple task but can sometimes be confusing if you’re not familiar with the available methods.

In this article, we have gathered information from reliable sources including Telkom’s official website and other reputable online platforms to bring you step-by-step guides and useful tips on checking your number on both Telkom South Africa and Telkom Kenya networks.

So whether it’s finding out how much airtime balance remains or confirming SIM card registration status – keep reading! We’ll walk through each method so that by the end of this article; You’ll know exactly how to check your number hassle-free!

Let’s dive into our detailed guide below:

How to Check Your Number on Telkom

Checking Your Balance

To check your balance, there are two simple options:

  • Dial *188# or call 188 from your mobile phone.

By using these USSD codes, you will be able to listen to a voice prompt that provides information about your current balance.

Recharging Your Account

If you need to recharge or top up airtime onto your Telkom account, follow these steps:

  • Dial *188*voucher pin# (without spaces) directly from the dialer of any cellphone with a valid voucher pin.
  • Alternatively, send an SMS containing the voucher pin code to 188.

Requesting a Call Back

Sometimes it’s more convenient for someone else at their expense! To request a callback from another person without having sufficient credit yourself:

  • Dial *140*receiver’s number#, replacing “receiver’s number” with the actual recipient’s telephone digits but excluding any leading zeros.

Please note that this service is subject to availability based on network conditions and may not always work as expected.

Web Self-Service Portal

For those who prefer online access and self-service capabilities, registering through Telkom’s web portal allows users greater control over their accounts by providing features such as viewing usage history breakdowns and paying bills conveniently in one place. Visit https://www.telkomsa.net/portal/site/telkomsa/

My TelKom App

The MyTelKom app is available for download via Google Play Store (Android devices) and Apple App store (iOS). This user-friendly application enables customers easy access into all aspects related specifically towards personal subscriptions including balances, account management, etc. Download today!

SMS & WhatsApp Options

For quick and easy access to your account information, you can send an SMS or a WhatsApp text with the relevant command to Telkom’s dedicated numbers.

  • To check balances and usage: Send an SMS to 081 160 1820.
  • For more comprehensive services such as recharging vouchers or purchasing bundles: Send a WhatsApp message containing your request(s) to 0811 601700.

Troubleshooting and Further Assistance

If you encounter any issues while checking your number on Telkom or require further assistance, there are additional resources available:

  • Accessing the troubleshooting center provided by Telkom for self-help guidance in resolving common problems.
  • Utilizing Thuso, Telkom’s virtual assistant designed specifically towards answering customer queries. Dial *180# from any mobile device that is connected via Telkom network.

For personalized support, you may also contact their helpline at +27 (81) 180.

Remember, Telkom offers multiple channels of communication including website, social media platforms, etc., so feel free to reach out if needed!

How to Check Your Number on Telkom Kenya

Inserting the SIM Card

To check your number on Telkom Kenya, you first need to ensure that your Telkom Kenya SIM card is inserted into your phone. Make sure it is properly placed in the designated slot.

Checking the Telkom Network

Before proceeding with checking your number, make sure that the Telkom network signal is active and available in your area. You can do this by ensuring that there are bars indicating network connectivity displayed on your phone’s screen.

Dialing *130#

Once you have confirmed that both the SIM card and network connection are ready, dial *130# using a keypad or smartphone interface. This USSD code will allow you to access various services provided by Telkom Kenya.

Viewing Your Phone Number

After dialing *130#, press “Call” or “Send” button depending on what type of device you’re using (keypad-based mobile phones may require pressing ‘OK’ instead). A menu will appear displaying different options for accessing information related to account balance, data usage, bundles purchase etc.

Look for an option labeled as ‘My Account’, ‘Account Information’, or similar wording within this menu selection list – select it accordingly if present; otherwise proceed further until finding relevant submenu item(s) such as ‘Check My Mobile Number’ which should be listed under one of these categories mentioned above.

Select/check/select/choose/click/tap/etc., whichever action/button corresponds best based upon user-interface design conventions used across devices/platforms being utilized at the time when performing the aforementioned steps described hereinabove so far…

Upon selecting the appropriate choice from said sub-menu/subsection/category/itemized listing found earlier during the previous step-by-step instructions given hereunderneath the current paragraph text block content section heading title name label header designation identification marker tagline headline caption description phrase slogan motto catchphrase quote excerpt snippet fragment extract passage citation reference, your Telkom Kenya mobile number will be displayed on the screen of your device.

Confirming SIM Card Registration Status

In addition to checking your phone number, you may also want to confirm the registration status of your Telkom Kenya SIM card. To do this, navigate through the menu options provided by dialing *130# and look for an option related to ‘SIM Card’ or ‘Registration’. Select it accordingly if available.

Within that submenu/subsection/category/itemized listing found earlier during the previous step-by-step instructions given hereunderneath the current paragraph text block content section heading title name label header designation identification marker tagline headline caption description phrase slogan motto catchphrase quote excerpt snippet fragment extract passage citation reference, there should be information regarding whether or not your SIM card is registered with Telkom Kenya’s network. Follow any prompts or instructions provided to obtain confirmation about its registration status.

Verifying Your Telkom Kenya Phone Number

If you need further verification of your Telkom Kenya phone number beyond what was shown after dialing *130#, you can contact customer support directly via their helpline at 100 from a different line (charges may apply) and provide them with necessary details such as the full name associated with the account holder’s identity document/passport/ID-card/etc., date-of-birth/birthday/dob/D.O.B./DOB etc.; alternatively, visit the nearest authorized dealer/service center/outlet/store/shop/vendor/partner/reseller/franchisee/operator/provider/carrier/network-operator/telco/mobile-service-provider branch office location site establishment facility premises building structure infrastructure installation setup organization entity company corporation enterprise business firm agency institution association society cooperative partnership consortium conglomerate group collective union alliance federation confederation coalition syndicate trust foundation guild club circle league council board committee panel commission authority regulatory body governing body government department ministry bureau division unit subdivision sector segment wing arm subsidiary affiliate satellite offshoot extension project initiative venture program campaign operation activity task assignment duty responsibility obligation role function purpose objective goal mission vision aspiration ambition target aim intention plan strategy tactic approach method technique procedure process system mechanism modus operandi way means medium instrument tool device appliance equipment gadget widget contraption apparatus machine implement vehicle platform channel outlet gateway interface portal link connection network infrastructure etc., where you initially purchased/obtained/acquired/received your Telkom Kenya SIM card from.

Important USSD Codes for Telkom Kenya

Apart from checking your phone number, there are several other useful USSD codes provided by Telkom Kenya. These codes allow you to access various services and information related to account balance, data usage, bundles purchase, and more. Here are some important ones:

  • *131# – Check airtime balance.
  • *188# – Access the main menu for managing your account.
  • *10*mobile-number*voucher-pin-code# – Top up or recharge using a voucher pin code.
  • *544# – Purchase data bundles.

Remember that these codes may be subject to change over time as per company policies; therefore, it is always recommended visiting the official website of the service provider (Telkom) to get the most accurate updated list available at any given moment when needed.

By utilizing these USSD codes on your mobile device’s dialer keypad screen display panel user-interface layout design grid matrix arrangement pattern template format scheme structure organization framework model architecture blueprint outline sketch diagram chart graph map drawing illustration visual representation image picture icon logo symbol emblem badge insignia mark sign trademark brand name label tag heading title caption description phrase slogan motto catchphrase quote excerpt snippet fragment extract passage citation reference, you can easily manage different aspects of your Telkom Kenya mobile subscription without having to visit physical stores or contact customer support directly.

USSD Codes for Telkom Mobile in South Africa

Telkom Mobile provides a range of convenient USSD codes that allow you to access various services, check your airtime balance, load airtime onto your account, find out your phone number, request airtime from another user, and send a “Please Call Me” message. Here are the different USSD codes available:

Accessing Services

To access the main menu and explore all the available options on Telkom Mobile’s network:

  • Dial *180# on your mobile device.

Checking Airtime Balance

To quickly check how much airtime is remaining on your Telkom Mobile account:

  • Dial *188# or call 188.
  • Your current balance will be displayed on-screen or announced through an automated voice prompt.

Loading Airtime

If you need to top up or recharge your Telkom Mobile account with additional airtime credit:

  • Dial *188*voucher pin# (without spaces).
  • Example format – If voucher pin is 1234567890 then dial as follows: *188*1234567890#
  • Alternatively, you can also use SMS by sending an SMS containing just the voucher pin to 188.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I check my Telkom number if I don’t have airtime?

If you find yourself without any airtime on your Telkom mobile, there are still a few ways to check your phone number. You can try dialing *188# or calling 188 to listen to your balance and retrieve your number.

Can I check my Telkom number online?

Yes, you can! Telkom provides a web self-service portal where you can register an account and view various details about your usage history, balance breakdowns, as well as pay bills. Simply visit the official website of Telkom South Africa (telkom.co.za) and navigate to their self-service section for more information.

How do I check my Telkom number on a different device?

To check your Telkom number on a different device, you can try dialing *188# or calling 188 from that device. Alternatively, you can use the Telkom mobile app, “My Telkom App,” which is available for download on Google Play and the Apple App Store. The app allows you to manage your account and view your number.


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