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How To Change Company Name On Cipc?


In South Africa, the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) is responsible for registering companies. They also keep track of company information and changes that are made to it. If you need to change your company’s name on CIPC, this article will explain how you can do so.

Steps To Change Company Name On CIPC

The process of changing the company name with CIPC is straightforward but there are certain steps that must be followed:

1. Draft a Special Resolution

The first step in changing the company’s name on CIPC is to draft a special resolution which states the proposed new name of the business as well as any other necessary details such as alterations to its Memorandum of Incorporation or Articles of Association if required. This document needs to be signed by all shareholders/directors prior to submission at CIPC.

2. Submit The Documents

Next, you will need to submit documents including a copy of the completed special resolution along with supporting documents such as identity books or driver’s licenses for directors/shareholders at any designated regional office or via email using an electronic filing system known as e-Filing@cipc . You may also include additional documentation such as affidavits confirming consent from creditors if necessary. A fee must also be paid during this stage according to current regulations set out by CIPC; however, discounts may apply depending on your circumstances – please consult their website for more information about fees and applicable discounts before proceeding further with your application .

3 . Await Confirmation From C I P c After submitting all necessary paperwork , y o u w i l l n e e d t o w a i t f o r c o n f i r m a t i o n f r o m CiPC b ef ore th e chan ge can take effect ; typically , they should provide notification within 14 days after submission although this could vary depending upon individual circumstances . Once approved , y our new compa ny na me will be published in Government Gazette for public record purposes before taking effect officially .

Conclusion Changing th e compan y na me wi th CiP c does not have t o b e complicated ; al though yo u shou ld ensure tha t yo u follow due process when making applications fo r chang es suc h as providing su pporting docume ntat ion an d paying require d fees where appropriate . Following these steps should allow yo u t o make successful updates wit ho ut encountering problems along th way!

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