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How To Change Banking Details On Efiling?


If you are a South African taxpayer, you probably know how to use SARS eFiling. It is an online service provided by the South African Revenue Service (SARS) that allows taxpayers to submit their tax returns and other documents electronically. One of the most important aspects of eFiling is keeping your banking details up-to-date so that any refunds can be paid out quickly and efficiently. In this article, we will explain how to change banking details on eFiling in easy steps.

Steps To Change Banking Details On Efiling

1. Log into your existing eFiling profile using your username and password: Go to the SARS website (www.sars.gov) and click on “eFiling” at the top right hand corner of the page, then select “Logon” from the dropdown menu which appears underneath it. Enter your username and password when prompted to log into your account successfully as shown below:

2 . Select ‘My Profile’ from the left side menu bar Once you have logged in, go back up to where it says ‘My Profile’ at the top left side of the screen – next to where it says ‘Home’. Clicking on this will open up another drop down menu underneath with various options for managing different aspects of your profile such as contact information, banking details etc… Select ‘Banking Details’ from this list as illustrated below:

3 . Edit or update any new bank information needed From here you can make whatever changes are necessary regarding updating or amending any bank account details linked to y our profile then just save these by clicking on ‘Submit’. Now all that’s left is just making sure that everything has been entered correctly before exiting out of this section – double checking for typos never hurts!

4 . Confirm submission You should receive confirmation shortly after submitting these new/updated banking details stating whether or not they were accepted successfully or if there was an issue encountered during processing time; This way you’ll always know exactly what’s going on with regards too making sure no mistakes have been made along with being able keep track every step taken within one place without having worries about paperwork becoming lost somewhere down line while trying switching between multiple windows/tabs!

5 . Sign Out Finally once everything has gone through properly & smoothly don’t forget sign out securely before leaving e Filling platform so no one else could access personal data stored therein!


Updating financial information such as bank accounts associated with SARS isn’t something people do every day but hopefully now everyone knows how quick & easy changing them can actually be through use EFILING – simply following instructions given above should take only few minutes complete entire process ensuring safety security along way!

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