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How To Cancel Telkom Contract?

Quick Summary

Canceling a Telkom contract in South Africa can be done online through a Telkom cancellation form or by following the steps outlined on the Telkom website. Customers may need to provide supporting documents and a reason for cancellation. The process may vary depending on the type of cancellation, and users have reported mixed experiences, with some finding it relatively smooth and others encountering difficulties.


Telkom is a leading telecommunications provider in South Africa, offering various services such as fixed-line telephone connections, internet access, and mobile phone plans. However, there may come a time when you need to cancel your Telkom contract for reasons like switching to another service provider or relocating. In this blog post, we will guide you through the process of canceling your Telkom contract and provide helpful tips based on user experiences.

Whether you are an individual customer or represent a business entity, it’s important to understand the steps involved in terminating your Telkom contract properly. By following these guidelines and being aware of any necessary documentation requirements or notice periods specified by Telkom, you can ensure that the cancellation process goes smoothly.

1) Online Cancellation Process:

If convenience is what matters most to you during the cancellation process, then opting for online cancellations might be ideal.

i) External Source Form:

One option available is using an external source form specifically designed for cancelling contracts with Telecommunications providers like Telkom. This fillable PDF form allows customers to input all required information including full name, signature, date, fax number, order number, etc., and submit it electronically without needing physical paperwork.

ii) Official Website Cancellation Process:

Alternatively, you can follow specific instructions outlined directly from the Telkom website, which provides detailed guidance depending upon whether it’s residential, business-related, cancellations due to death, etc.

2) Tips For A Smooth Cancellation Experience:

While going through either method mentioned above, it would also help if one keeps certain things into consideration so as not to face unnecessary hassles during the process.

i) Provide Accurate Information:

Make sure to provide accurate information while filling out any forms or submitting requests. This will help avoid delays in processing your cancellation and ensure that all necessary documentation is provided.

ii) Understand Notice Periods:

Telkom requires a one calendar month notice period for canceling their services, so be mindful of this when planning your cancellation date. Giving sufficient notice allows Telkom to make arrangements accordingly and avoids any potential issues with billing or service termination.

iii) Be Prepared With Supporting Documents:

Depending on the type of cancellation (residential, business, deceased), you may need to submit supporting documents such as proof of identification, death certificates (if applicable), or official letters from company letterhead, etc. Ensure that you have these documents ready before initiating the cancellation request.

iv) Keep Track Of Your Cancellation Request:

After submitting your request through either method mentioned above, you should receive confirmation via SMS/email along with a reference number. This can serve as an important point of contact if there are any follow-up queries regarding your canceled contract. It’s always good practice to keep track by saving copies/screenshots/emails related correspondence.

While we strive to provide comprehensive guidance based on available resources, it’s essential to note individual experiences might vary. So it would also be helpful checking other customer reviews online forums like Reddit where users share their personal experiences canceling contracts with Telecommunications providers including Telkom.

By following these steps and tips outlined here, you’ll hopefully find yourself well-prepared for successfully terminating your Telkom contract and moving forward with ease.

How to Cancel a Telkom Contract

Online Cancellation Process

If you’re looking to cancel your Telkom contract, there are online options available that can make the process more convenient. Here are two methods you can consider:

  1. Telkom Cancellation Form

    One option is to fill out and sign the Telkom cancellation form online. This form requires certain information such as your full name, signature, date, fax number, order number, contact number, case number (if applicable), email address, and supporting documentation like proof of identification or a copy of the death certificate if necessary.

  2. Telkom Website Cancellations

    Another method for cancelling your contract is through the official website of Telkom itself. The steps may vary depending on whether it’s a residential cancellation, business cancellation, or deceased estate, but generally involve filling out an appropriate request form with required details about yourself, the services being cancelled, and any relevant documents needed, such as ID/passport copies or a written letterhead from the company owner/director in case a business account needs to be terminated.

Tips for Smooth Cancellation

To ensure smooth processing during this time, here are some tips based on user experiences:

  • Provide Supporting Documents: When submitting your cancellation request, you might need to provide additional documentation. For example, residential customers could require providing their ID proofs while businesses would have to submit director/owner IDs along with other legal papers.
  • State Reason for Cancelling: It’s important to mention the reason behind wanting to terminate the service. This helps Telkom understand customer feedback better, which can be used to improve their services in the future.
  • Cancel Debit Orders: To avoid any further charges, it is advisable to cancel the debit order associated with your Telkom account. This will prevent any additional fees from being deducted after cancellation.

Reddit Thread Experiences

Some users have shared their experiences of cancelling a Telkom contract on a popular South African subreddit. Here are some tips and insights based on those experiences:

  • Use Online Portal for Cancellation: Many users found that using the online portal provided by Telkom was relatively painless and efficient when cancelling their contracts.
  • Consider Cancelling Debit Order: Some customers suggested canceling the debit order linked to your Telkom account as an extra precautionary measure against unexpected charges or billing errors post-cancellation.
  • Mention Emigration (if applicable): One user mentioned that stating emigration out of South Africa helped expedite the cancellation process. However, this may not apply to everyone, so please check if this applies to you before mentioning such reasons.

Please note that these tips are based on individual experiences and results may vary depending upon specific circumstances. It’s always recommended to contact Telkom directly to get accurate information regarding cancellations.

Remember, cancellation requests usually require a one calendar month notice period, and rental obligations are governed by the conditions of the relevant agreement. So make sure to follow all necessary steps outlined above to ensure a smooth transition during the termination process.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the notice period for canceling a Telkom contract?

Telkom requires customers to provide one calendar month’s notice when terminating a product or moving to another service provider. This means that if you wish to cancel your Telkom contract, you need to inform them at least one month in advance.

Are there cancellation fees for terminating a Telkom contract?

The page does not mention specific cancellation fees associated with terminating a Telkom contract. However, it is important for customers to refer to the conditions of their agreement and rental obligations outlined by Telkom. These terms may include information about any potential charges or penalties related to early termination.

How long does it take for a Telkom contract cancellation to be processed?

The page does not provide a specific timeframe for the processing of a Telkom contract cancellation. Users in the Reddit thread reported mixed experiences, with some cancellations being processed quickly and others taking longer. It is recommended to contact Telecommunications directly or refer to their website for more information on the cancellation process.


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