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How To Cancel Mtn Contract?

Quick Summary

Canceling an MTN contract requires contacting MTN’s customer service, reviewing contract terms, providing necessary information, returning equipment (if applicable), settling outstanding balances, and obtaining confirmation of cancellation. Customers should be aware of the 20 business days’ notice requirement and the potential penalty fees. It is important to understand the charges for canceling, including the outstanding cost of the device, one month’s subscription, and any remaining usage charges. By following the step-by-step guide and considering the costs and penalties, customers can smoothly cancel their MTN contracts.


Canceling an MTN contract can be a daunting task, but with the right information and guidance, it doesn’t have to be. Whether you’re looking to switch providers or simply want more flexibility in your mobile plan, this step-by-step guide will walk you through the process of canceling your MTN contract.

In this article, we’ll cover everything from contacting customer service to understanding any penalties or fees associated with early termination. We’ll also provide helpful tips on returning equipment (if applicable), settling outstanding balances, and obtaining confirmation of cancellation.

Before diving into the details, it’s important to note that specific cancellation procedures may vary depending on your location and the terms outlined in your contract. To ensure accuracy and up-to-date information tailored specifically for your situation, we recommend reaching out directly to MTN’s customer service helpline.

Now let’s get started on canceling that unwanted MTN contract!

How to Cancel an MTN Contract: A Step-by-Step Guide

Canceling your MTN contract may seem like a daunting task, but with the right information and guidance, it can be a smooth process. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to cancel your MTN contract:

1. Contact MTN Customer Service:

The first step in canceling your contract is to get in touch with MTN’s customer service department. You can do this by calling their helpline or visiting one of their branches. Inform them about your intention to cancel the contract and they will guide you through the cancellation process.

2. Review Contract Terms:

Before proceeding with the cancellation, take some time to review the terms of your contract. This includes understanding any penalties or fees associated with early termination as well as any notice period requirements that need to be fulfilled.

3. Provide Required Information:

MTN may require certain information from you in order for them to process the cancellation smoothly. This could include details such as account number, contract number, and reason for canceling. Be prepared ahead of time so that there are no delays during this stage.

4. Return Equipment (if applicable):

If you received any equipment or devices as part of your contractual agreement, such as a smartphone or router, you might have to return these items. MTN will provide instructions on how and where exactly these equipments should be returned. Make sure to follow all guidelines provided by the company regarding returning procedures.

5. Pay Outstanding Balances:

It’s important to settle all outstanding balances before initiating cancellations. Ensure that there are no unpaid bills, fines, or usage charges left pending. Settling these dues beforehand helps avoid complications later on. It also ensures a clean break-up between both parties involved, i.e., yourself and the network provider (MTN).

6. Confirmation Of Cancellation:

Once everything has been completed according to the procedure, MTN would issue a confirmation document stating the successful completion of the request. Keep a copy safe for record purposes.

Remember that the specific cancellation process may vary depending on your location and the terms of your contract. It is always recommended to directly contact MTN’s customer service for accurate and up-to-date information regarding canceling your contract.

Understanding the Costs and Penalties

When it comes to canceling an MTN contract, there are certain costs and penalties that you need to be aware of. Here is a breakdown of what you can expect:

1. 20 Business Days’ Notice:

MTN requires customers who want to cancel their contracts early to provide 20 business days’ notice in writing or recorded form. This gives them sufficient time to process your cancellation request.

2. Reasonable Penalty Fee:

Upon cancellation, MTN is entitled to charge a “reasonable” penalty fee. The exact amount will depend on several factors which include:

  • Amount owed at the time of cancellation
  • Value of any goods remaining in your possession (such as devices)
  • Duration of the agreement
  • Losses or benefits accrued by you during the contract period
  • Nature of goods or services reserved or booked
  • Lengths for providing notice given by customer
  • Potential for finding alternative consumers
  • General industry practices

These factors help determine how much penalty fee should be charged based on individual circumstances.

3. Charges for Cancelling an MTN Contract:

In addition to any applicable penalty fees, there may also be other charges associated with cancelling an MTN contract. This includes outstanding cost(s) related to device(s), one month’s subscription payment, and any remaining usage charges incurred up until the date of cancellation.

4. Example Costs of Cancelling at Various Points:

To give you an idea of what the cost might be when cancelling your contract before its expiry date, let’s consider a hypothetical scenario where a customer has signed up for a 24-month contract with a monthly subscription fee of R500 and received a device valued at R10,000 as part of the deal. The table below illustrates how the mounted cost changes depending on when a customer cancels their contract:

Cancellation PeriodOutstanding Device CostOne Month’s Subscription FeeRemaining Usage Charges
Within 6 monthsR10,000R500Yes (if applicable)
After 12 monthsR10,000R500No

MTN’s Cancellation Procedure

Providing 20 Business Days’ Notice

To cancel an MTN contract, it is important to provide a notice period of 20 business days. This allows the company sufficient time to process your cancellation request and make any necessary arrangements.

Contacting MTN Customer Service

The first step in cancelling your contract with MTN is to contact their customer service department. You can do this by calling their helpline at 135 or sending an email to [email protected]. They will guide you through the cancellation process and provide any additional information that may be required.

Charges for Cancelling

When cancelling an MTN contract early, there are certain charges that may apply. These charges include:

  1. Outstanding Cost of Device: If you received a device as part of your contract, such as a smartphone or router, you may need to pay off the remaining cost of the device before cancelling.
  2. One Month’s Subscription Fee: In addition to settling outstanding balances on your account, one month’s subscription fee will also be charged upon cancellation.
  3. Remaining Usage Charges: Any usage charges incurred up until the date of cancellation will also need to be paid.

Settlement Amount vs Continuing with Contract

It is worth considering whether paying these fees upfront would still save money compared to continuing with monthly payments until the end-date of the contract.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cancel my MTN contract before it expires?

Yes, you can cancel your MTN contract before it expires. However, there may be penalties or fees associated with early termination. It is important to review the terms of your contract and contact MTN’s customer service for specific information regarding cancellation.

What are the penalties for early cancellation?

The penalties for early cancellation vary depending on several factors such as the amount owed at the time of cancellation, duration of agreement, remaining goods in possession, losses or benefits accrued by you as a consumer, notice period provided by you, potential alternative consumers available to the service provider, and industry practices. These factors will determine what reasonable penalty fee will be charged upon canceling your contract.

Can I cancel without penalty if I am unsatisfied with the service?

Unfortunately, no. If you are unsatisfied with their services but still within an active contractual term, then they would charge a “reasonable” penalty fee based on various considerations mentioned above when calculating this cost.

What are the steps to cancel an MTN Contract?

  1. Contact Customer Service – Call 135 from any mobile phone or send an email to [email protected] informing them about your intention.
  2. Review Contract Terms – Understand any applicable charges/penalties that might apply.
  3. Provide Required Information – Be prepared to provide account details like number, etc., and the reason why you want out (if asked).
  4. Return Equipment (if Applicable) – Return all devices received under the said plan back into the company’s hands so that nothing remains outstanding against your name/account balance sheet after final settlement has been made between both parties involved here, i.e., yourself and MTN’s representative(s).
  5. Pay Outstanding Balances – Make sure everything gets settled upfront, including unpaid bills, which could include usage costs incurred during the last billing cycle too!
  6. Confirmation Of Cancellation – Once the process is complete, expect a confirmation document stating successful completion sent via the preferred method of communication chosen earlier while initiating the request itself.

Can I keep my phone number after cancellation?

Yes, you can usually keep your phone number even after canceling an MTN contract. This process is known as porting and allows you to transfer your existing mobile number to a new service provider. However, it’s important to check with both MTN and the new service provider for any specific requirements or fees associated with this process.


Canceling an MTN contract may seem like a daunting task, but with the right information and guidance, it can be a smooth process. In this guide, we have provided you with step-by-step instructions on how to cancel your MTN contract.

Contact MTN Customer Service

Firstly, contacting MTN’s customer service is essential. They will assist you in understanding the cancellation process and provide any necessary information or documentation required for cancellation.

Review Contract Terms

Before proceeding further, make sure to review your contract terms carefully. This will help you understand any penalties or fees associated with early termination so that you can make an informed decision about canceling your contract.

Provide Required Information

When contacting customer service or initiating the cancellation process online/email ensure that all relevant account details such as account number are readily available along with reasons for wanting to terminate the agreement if requested by them during communication.

Return Equipment

If applicable, return equipment received under contractual obligations (such as smartphones or routers) following their specific guidelines regarding returns.

Pay Outstanding Balances

It is crucial to settle all outstanding balances before finalizing the cancellation of your MTN Contract; this includes unpaid bills and usage charges.

Confirmation of Cancellation

Once everything has been completed according to procedure, you should receive confirmation from MTN confirming successful completion of canceling procedures. Keep this document safe for future reference.

Remember that each individual case might vary depending on location-specific regulations and unique circumstances surrounding contracts. It’s always recommended reaching out directly through official channels – contact numbers/emails mentioned above – when seeking accurate up-to-date advice tailored specifically towards one’s situation.

We hope our comprehensive guide has helped answer some questions related to cancellation processes at MTN South Africa and made navigating through these steps easier. If there are still uncertainties remaining after reading, please do not hesitate to reach out via the comments section below where experts would respond promptly.


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