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How To Buy Whatsapp Data On Mtn?


Are you a South African looking for an affordable way to access the internet? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll discuss how to buy WhatsApp data on MTN – one of the largest mobile phone service providers in South Africa. We will also provide some tips and tricks that can help make your purchase process easier and more cost-effective.

What is Whatsapp Data?

WhatsApp data is a type of prepaid data package offered by MTN which allows customers to access all features of the popular messaging app, such as sending messages and making voice/video calls. The usage period for each purchased WhatsApp bundle varies depending on what option you choose when purchasing it from MTN.

How To Buy Whatsapp Data On Mtn

Buying WhatsApp data from MTN is easy and straightforward:

Step 1: Dial *136# or *123# from your mobile phone and select option “4” which stands for “buy bundles & services”

Step 2: Select “1” for Internet Bundles followed by selecting “4″ for WhatsApp Bundles

Step 3: Select any of the available packages (daily, weekly or monthly) based on your preference

Step 4: Confirm selection with confirmation code sent via SMS message before proceeding with payment

Step 5: After successful completion of payment, your selected package will be activated automatically on your device within minutes!

Tips For Buying WhatApp Data From Mtn

• Consider opting in for auto renewal if you plan on using this service regularly – This feature makes sure that when your current package expires; it gets automatically renewed without having to manually go through steps described above every time
• Check out other offers provided by MTN – Aside from buying individual packages, there are combo bundles offered at discounted prices if multiple services are purchased together                                                                                                                                                     
  • Make sure not to exceed daily/weekly/monthly limits set up by network provider as additional charges may apply after exceeding those limits                            • Consider downloading MyMTN app where users can conveniently manage their account settings directly from their smartphone devices


With these few simple steps outlined above, now everyone should know exactly how they can purchase Whatsapp Data packages directly through their MTN accounts hassle free! Don’t forget about our helpful tips provided earlier in this article either – they could really save money over long term use!

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