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How To Buy Voucher Using Capitec?

What is Capitec?

Capitec Bank, South Africa’s leading digital bank, provides access to financial services and products with a focus on simplicity and convenience. Using their app or web platform, customers can open an account in minutes, perform banking transactions such as payments and transfers within seconds, apply for loans online and more. Through the secure platform of Capitec Global One®, customers also have access to a variety of other benefits from third-party providers like vouchers.

Why Buy Vouchers With Capitec?

Buying vouchers with Capitec makes it easy for you to get what you need at great prices! You can purchase gift cards or eVouchers from big brands like Pick n Pay, Woolworths Food and Clicks directly through the secure Global One® platform when you pay using your card or online banking via internet/app. Not only does this save time by avoiding long queues at stores but also money because voucher purchases are often discounted when paid through Capitec Bank.

How To Buy Voucher On The App

To purchase a voucher on the app:

  • Step 1.: Log into your Global One® App
  • Step 2.: Select ‘Buy Now’ which will take you to the store where all available vouchers are listed
  • <strong Step 3.: Choose your preferred payment method – either paying using funds transferred from another bank account (EFT) or debit order
  • Step 4 .: Enter the amount that matches up with one of the available vouchers , select ‘Pay Now’ , review your details one last time before confirming payment . Your selected voucher will be delivered instantly once payment has been processed !

What To Do If Your Payment Hasn’t Been Processed ?

In some cases , there may be delays in processing payments due to technical difficulties . If this happens , please contact our customer service team who will help resolve any issues as quickly as possible so that you can receive your voucher without any further delay .

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