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How To Buy Telkom Minutes?

Quick Summary

This blog post provides a comprehensive guide on how to buy Telkom minutes in South Africa. It covers the process of purchasing all network minutes, the available packages and benefits, the difference between once-off and recurring minutes, important considerations, and answers to frequently asked questions. Whether you’re looking for convenience, cost savings, or flexibility in staying connected, this post has all the information you need to make the most of Telkom’s prepaid services.


Telkom, the third largest mobile network in South Africa, offers a range of prepaid services to cater to different communication needs. Prepaid services allow users to pay for their usage in advance, providing them with greater control over their spending and allowing them to budget accordingly.

One of the key features offered by Telkom is the ability to purchase minutes that can be used across all networks. This means that regardless of whether you are calling someone on Telkom Mobile or another network provider such as Vodacom or MTN, you can use these minutes without any restrictions.

In this blog post, we will guide you through the process of buying all network minutes on Telkom and provide information about available packages and benefits. Whether you need once-off minutes for a specific period or prefer recurring minutes that automatically renew at regular intervals – we’ve got you covered!

Stay connected seamlessly with anyone using Telkom’s convenient and cost-effective options for purchasing all-network voice bundles. Let’s dive into how it works!

Understanding Telkom Prepaid Services

Prepaid services are a popular choice for many mobile users as they offer flexibility, control over spending, and the ability to monitor usage. With prepaid services, customers pay in advance for their desired bundles or airtime credits.

There are several benefits of opting for Telkom’s prepaid services:

1. Budgeting Control

One of the key advantages is that you have complete control over your expenses. You can choose how much airtime or data you want to purchase based on your needs and budget constraints.

2. No Contracts or Commitments

Unlike postpaid plans which require signing contracts with fixed terms, prepaid services do not bind you into any long-term commitments. This means that if at any point you decide to switch providers or change your plan type within Telkom itself, it can be done easily without penalties.

3. Flexibility in Usage

Prepaid allows greater flexibility when it comes to using voice minutes and data allowances since there are no set limits imposed by monthly subscriptions like those found in contract-based plans.

Telkom offers an extensive range of bundle options under its prepaid service offerings catering to various communication needs:

  • Chat Bundles: These bundles provide affordable access specifically tailored towards messaging apps such as WhatsApp.
  • Time-Based Bundles: Ideal for individuals who prefer making calls during specific timeslots throughout the day while enjoying discounted rates.
  • WhatsApp Bundles: Designed exclusively around providing unlimited access solely dedicated towards utilizing WhatsApp features including text messages, voice notes, etc.
  • Mo’Nice Bundles: Offers great value-for-money deals combining both voice minutes along with SMSes.
  • Infinite Bundles: Perfectly suited toward heavy internet users requiring large amounts of high-speed LTE/LTE-A connectivity.
  • FreeMe Bundles: A comprehensive package offering all-in-one solutions encompassing Voice Minutes, SMSs & Data.

In addition to these packages, Telkom also provides various other bundles such as SMS Bundles, TikTok Bundles, LTE Data, and All Network Voice Minutes. Each bundle has its own unique features including data allowances, voice minutes allocation, SMS quotas along with validity periods.

Telkom’s prepaid services are designed to cater to the diverse needs of their customers while providing them with flexibility in managing their communication expenses. Whether you require a specific package for messaging apps or need an all-inclusive solution that covers voice calls, text messages, and internet access – there is something available for everyone on Telkom’s prepaid platform.

Buying Telkom Minutes

Telkom offers a convenient way to purchase minutes for your mobile phone through their prepaid services. By buying Telkom minutes, you can ensure that you have enough airtime to make calls and stay connected with friends, family, and colleagues.

Types of Bundles

There are different types of bundles available when it comes to purchasing Telkom minutes. These bundles cater to various needs and budgets, allowing users the flexibility to choose what suits them best. The bundles range from 10 minutes all the way up to 1000 minutes.

Validity Periods

Each bundle has its own validity period which determines how long the purchased minutes will be valid for usage. Validity periods vary depending on the specific bundle chosen but typically range from 7 days up until one month or more.


The prices of these minute bundles also differ based on factors such as the number of included calling time and any additional features offered within each package. It’s important for users considering purchasing Telkom minutes to review pricing details before making a decision so they can select an option that aligns with their budgetary requirements.

Other Bundle Options

In addition to All-Network Voice minute packages specifically designed for voice calls across networks in South Africa, Telkom provides other types of bundled offerings catering towards data usage like chat bundles, time-based bundles, and WhatsApp Bundles. These options provide customers with even greater versatility by offering combined data and voice options for their communication needs. Whether it’s staying connected on WhatsApp or using data-intensive applications like video-calling, the variety of bundle options on offer ensure that there is a package available to fit any user’s requirements.

By understanding these aspects related to buying Telkom minutes, you can make an informed decision about which package best suits your calling habits, budget, and usage preferences. Telkom presents users with a variety of options when it comes to purchasing Telkom minutes, enabling them to stay connected without worrying about running out of airtime.

How to Buy All Network Minutes on Telkom

Telkom offers a convenient and straightforward process for purchasing all network minutes. Follow these simple steps to buy your preferred bundle of all network minutes:

Step 1: Dial the Telkom USSD code *180#

To initiate the purchase, dial the Telkom USSD code *180# from your mobile device. This will open up a menu with various options.

Step 2: Selecting the Preferred Bundle

Once you have dialed *180#, navigate through the menu by following the prompts provided. Look for an option related to buying bundles or airtime.

Next, select “All-Network Voice Bundles” or any similar option that specifically mentions all-network minutes as part of its offering.

You may be presented with different choices based on price points and validity periods. Take some time to review each bundle’s details before making your selection.

Consider factors such as how many minutes are included in each package, their respective prices, and how long they remain valid once purchased.

Choose wisely according to your needs – whether it is more suitable for short-term usage or if you require longer-lasting connectivity across networks.

Step 3: Confirm Your Purchase

After selecting your desired bundle of all network minutes, confirm this choice when prompted by pressing enter or clicking ‘OK’.

The system will then verify if there are sufficient funds available in order complete this transaction successfully. If successful, you’ll receive confirmation via SMS indicating that you’ve successfully bought those specific amount of bundled voice-minutes which can now be used immediately.

It’s important always keep track of remaining balance so ensure uninterrupted communication whenever needed.


  • The availability of certain bundles might vary depending on current promotions offered by Telkom.
  • Ensure that you have enough airtime credit available before attempting any purchases.
  • If at any point during this process something goes wrong (e.g., error messages), contact customer support helpline for assistance.

By following these steps, you can easily purchase all network minutes on Telkom and enjoy a seamless calling experience across different networks. Stay connected with your loved ones or business contacts without any limitations!

Available Packages and Benefits

Telkom offers a range of packages for all network minutes, providing users with the flexibility to choose the option that best suits their needs. These packages include:

All-Network Minutes:

  • This package allows you to make calls to any network in South Africa.
  • It provides convenience by eliminating the need for multiple bundles or subscriptions.

Telkom Mobile Minutes:

  • With this package, you can enjoy calling other Telkom mobile numbers at discounted rates.
  • It is ideal if most of your contacts are on the Telkom network.

Telkom Fixed-Line Minutes:

  • If you frequently call landline numbers, this bundle offers cost-effective options specifically designed for fixed-line calls.

By purchasing these all-network minute bundles from Telkom, users can benefit in several ways:

Convenience and Ease of Use:

  • Having a single set of minutes enables seamless communication across different networks without worrying about running out or managing separate balances.
  • Users no longer have to keep track of various subscription plans or worry about topping up specific networks separately.

Cost Savings and Flexibility with Once-off or Recurring Options:

  • Buying all-network minutes on Telkom saves money compared to paying standard per-minute rates when making cross-network calls.
  • The bundled pricing structure ensures better value-for-money usage while keeping costs predictable each month.
  • Additionally, Telkom also offers once-off as well as recurring options depending upon user preferences.

Overall, buying all network minutes on Telkom provides users with the convenience, cost savings, and flexibility to stay connected with everyone regardless of their network provider.

Once-Off vs. Recurring Minutes

Once-off minutes refer to a bundle of Telkom minutes that are purchased for a specific period and do not automatically renew. These bundles offer users the flexibility to choose the number of minutes they need without any long-term commitment.

The validity period of once-off minutes varies depending on the package selected, ranging from 7 days up to one month. During this time, users can make calls across all networks using their allocated once-off minutes.

To use once-off minutes, simply dial the desired phone number as you would with regular airtime or prepaid credit. The deducted amount will be based on your call duration and tariff plan.

On the other hand, recurring (or auto-renew) minutes provide an automated way for customers to have uninterrupted access to Telkom’s all network calling service by automatically renewing at specified intervals – usually monthly or weekly basis.

With recurring minute packages enabled, subscribers don’t have worry about manually purchasing new bundles every time their current allocation expires since it is done seamlessly in accordance with their chosen renewal frequency.

Recurring minute plans come in handy especially if you frequently find yourself running out of talk-time unexpectedly or prefer having continuous connectivity without interruptions caused by expired allocations.

It’s important however, to keep track of usage patterns so as not exceed limits set within each billing cycle which may result additional charges being incurred outside what was initially paid upfront.

Overall, the choice between opting for either once off or recurring minute bundles depends entirely on individual preferences and needs. If you require more control over your spending and want to decide when to purchase additional all-network minutes, a once-off bundle would be ideal. On the other hand, recurring minutes suit those who want a seamless calling experience without the need to manually top up their allocations every month or week.

Important Considerations

When purchasing Telkom minutes, it’s important to be aware of certain limitations and considerations. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

Limitations of All Network Minutes Offer:

The all network minutes offer provided by Telkom is specifically for local telecommunication calls within South Africa. These minutes cannot be used for international calls or calls made to fixed landlines.

Inability to Use Minutes for International Calls or Fixed Landline Calls:

If you require the ability to make international calls or call fixed landlines, separate packages are available from Telkom that cater specifically to these needs. It’s essential to choose the appropriate package based on your calling requirements.

Separate Packages Available for International Calls and Fixed Landline Calls:

Telkom offers a range of additional bundle options that allow users access not only domestic but also international calling services as well as making phone calls directly with fixed line numbers. These packages provide different rates and features depending on your specific needs when it comes to communicating beyond South African borders.

It’s crucially important before purchasing any bundles or minute plans offered by Telkom, to carefully review each option’s details so you can select one which best suits both your budgetary constraints along with meeting communication demands whether they’re national, international, or even involving direct contact via traditional telephone lines.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I buy Telkom minutes?

A: To purchase Telkom minutes, you can dial the Telkom USSD code *180# and follow the prompts to select your preferred bundle of all network minutes. After confirming the purchase, you will receive a confirmation SMS from Telkom.

Q: What types of bundles are available for buying Telkom minutes?

A: There are various bundles available for purchasing Telkom minutes. These include All-Network Voice bundles that cater to different needs and budgets. You can choose between once-off or recurring options depending on your preference.

Q: Can you provide more information about validity periods and prices of these bundles?

A: The validity periods for the All-Network Voice bundles range from 7 days to one month (current month plus one additional month). Prices vary based on the number of included voice minutes in each bundle option.

Q: Is there any difference between once-off and recurring minute packages?

A: The main difference is that once-off minute packages need to be purchased as a bundle upfront while recurring minute packages automatically renew at specified intervals without requiring manual repurchase.

Q: I want an overview regarding limitations when using all-network-minutes offer.

A: The all-network-minute offers provided by Telkom are specifically designed for local telecommunication calls within South Africa. They cannot be used for international calls or calling fixed landlines. Separate package options exist for those purposes if needed.


Buying Telkom minutes offers numerous benefits and convenience for users. By purchasing these minutes, you can enjoy seamless calling experiences across all networks in South Africa. Whether you need to make calls to friends, family members, or business associates on different network providers, Telkom has got you covered.

The availability of various bundle options allows users to choose the package that best suits their needs and budget. From once-off bundles with a specific validity period to recurring bundles that automatically renew at specified intervals – there is flexibility for every user’s preference.

One of the key advantages of buying Telkom minutes is the cost savings it provides. With competitive prices and attractive packages available, customers can save money while staying connected with loved ones or conducting important business conversations.

Telkom also ensures ease-of-use by providing a simple process through its USSD code *180#. Following prompts will guide you towards selecting your preferred bundle effortlessly. Once confirmed, an SMS confirmation from Telkom will be sent promptly so that you have peace of mind knowing your purchase was successful.

In conclusion, we encourage everyone to explore Telkom’s prepaid services further as they offer more than just all-network voice minute bundles. There are additional options such as chat bundles tailored for messaging apps like WhatsApp; time-based bundles perfect if usage varies throughout the day; Mo’Nice Bundles offering extra value-added features; Infinite Bundles designed specifically for heavy data consumers; Flexon Bundles combining both data and airtime allowances – among many others!

Stay connected without limitations using all network minutes provided by Telkom! Enjoy uninterrupted communication regardless of which mobile network provider someone may use within South Africa.


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