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How To Buy Sms On Vodacom?

Quick Summary

This blog post provides a comprehensive guide on how to buy SMS bundles on Vodacom. It covers the benefits of purchasing SMS bundles, the process for different types of customers (Contract, Top Up, and Prepaid), and the terms and conditions associated with buying SMS bundles. Additionally, it includes frequently asked questions to address common queries about international SMSs, premium rated SMSs, multiple subscriptions, conversions, and cancellations.


SMS bundles are a convenient way to stay connected and save money on text messaging. Vodacom, one of South Africa’s leading mobile network providers, offers SMS bundles for Contract, Top Up, and Prepaid customers. These bundles allow you to send multiple SMS messages at discounted rates compared to the standard per-message charges.

In this blog post, we will guide you through the process of buying SMS bundles on Vodacom. Whether you’re a Contract customer with a monthly subscription or a Prepaid user looking for once-off options, we’ve got all the information you need.

Read on to discover how easy it is to purchase SMS bundles from Vodacom and start enjoying cost-effective texting today!

What are SMS bundles?

SMS bundles are prepaid packages offered by Vodacom that allow customers to send a specific number of text messages at a discounted rate. These bundles provide an affordable and convenient way for users to stay connected with their friends, family, and colleagues through SMS.

With SMS bundles, you can purchase a predetermined quantity of text messages in advance instead of paying the standard per-message rate. This means that you will have access to multiple texts without worrying about individual charges adding up.

Vodacom offers different types of SMS bundle options tailored to suit various customer needs. Whether you’re on Contract, Top Up or Prepaid plans, there is an option available for everyone.

By subscribing or purchasing once-off SMS bundles from Vodacom, customers can enjoy cost-effective messaging solutions while staying within their budget constraints.

Benefits of buying SMS bundles on Vodacom

SMS bundles offer several benefits to customers who frequently use text messaging as a means of communication. Here are some advantages of purchasing SMS bundles on Vodacom:

1. Cost savings

By subscribing to an SMS bundle, you can enjoy discounted rates compared to the standard per-SMS charges. This allows you to save money while staying connected with your friends, family, and colleagues.

2. Convenience

With an SMS bundle subscription or once-off purchase, you don’t have to worry about running out of credit for individual messages or constantly monitoring your balance before sending each message. The bundled package provides peace of mind by ensuring that you have a sufficient number of texts available at any given time.

3. Flexibility in usage

Once subscribed or purchased, the allocated number of text messages within the bundle is yours to use throughout its validity period without any peak/off-peak restrictions imposed by other plans or packages offered by mobile service providers.

4. National coverage included

The SMS bundles provided by Vodacom cover national texting needs across South Africa without additional charges for intercity communications.

5. Easy accessibility

Vodacom offers various channels through which customers can subscribe and manage their subscriptions conveniently according to their preferences – whether it’s via phone call (for Contract and Top Up customers), USSD code (*135#), or simply sending an SMS (136).

6. Validity periods

Once-off purchases come with longer validity periods than regular airtime credits; typically 30 days from the activation date. This ensures that even if there is no immediate need for extensive texting, you won’t lose unused portions due to unexpected expiration dates.

By taking advantage of these benefits, Vodafone customers can enjoy cost-effective and hassle-free communication through the convenience of SMS bundles.

How to buy SMS bundles on Vodacom

Contract customers

Contract customers can easily subscribe to or cancel an SMS bundle by calling their service provider. Simply contact your service provider and inform them of your desire to purchase an SMS bundle. They will guide you through the process, ensuring that you have successfully subscribed.

Top Up customers

Top Up customers also have the option of subscribing to a month-to-month SMS bundle by contacting their service provider directly. Alternatively, they can choose to purchase once-off SMS bundles through self-service channels provided by Vodacom.

To subscribe for a month-to-month plan, simply call your service provider and request the activation of an appropriate package based on your needs. If you prefer purchasing once-off bundles instead, access any available self-service channel offered by Vodacom such as online platforms or mobile applications dedicated specifically for this purpose.

Prepaid Customers

Prepaid users are not left out when it comes to buying convenient and affordable SMS bundles from Vodacom. To get started with purchasing these prepaid packages:

  1. Dial *135# using your phone’s keypad.
  2. Follow the prompts displayed on-screen until reaching the “Buy Bundles” options.
  3. Select “SMS Bundle” from within this menu.
  4. Choose one among various available options according to desired quantity (e.g., number of messages).
  5. Confirm selection upon prompt completion; payment will be deducted automatically from existing airtime balance if sufficient funds are present in the account at the time selected during the transaction initiation phase – otherwise, additional top-up may be required before proceeding further into finalizing the order placement procedure itself!

For checking the remaining amount/quantity included within the purchased SMS bundle:

  • Dial *135#
  • A pop-up message displaying the current status along with other relevant details regarding usage limits should appear shortly after initiating the above-mentioned command sequence.

Remember that all purchases made under prepaid plans cannot be reversed or converted into airtime credit. Therefore, it is essential to carefully consider your needs and select the most suitable SMS bundle option before confirming any transaction.

By following these simple steps, Contract customers, Top Up customers, and Prepaid users can easily purchase SMS bundles on Vodacom without hassle. Enjoy the convenience of having a sufficient number of messages at your disposal for all communication needs!

Terms and conditions for buying SMS bundles on Vodacom

Availability of SMS bundles

SMS bundles are available to all Vodacom Contract, Top up, and Prepaid customers. This means that regardless of your subscription type, you can enjoy the benefits of purchasing SMS bundles.

Pricing and VAT

The prices for the SMS bundles include VAT. When you purchase an SMS bundle from Vodacom, the price displayed already includes any applicable taxes.

Deactivation and forfeiture of SMS Bundles

If a customer is deactivated from the network or cancels their contract with Vodacom, any existing unused portion of their purchased monthly subscription will be forfeited. It’s important to keep this in mind when considering subscribing to an ongoing monthly plan.

Usage limitations

The usage limitations for these bundled messages state that they can only be used for national use within South Africa. International text messages as well as premium-rated texts are not included in these packages; therefore separate charges may apply if sending such types of messages.

Peak and off-peak differentiation

There is no peak or off-peak differentiation when it comes to using your allocated number of SMSes. You have flexibility throughout the day without worrying about time restrictions.

Depletion Of Sms Bundle And Default Sms Rate

Once your allotted amount has been depleted, you will then start being charged at the default rate per message sent until another bundle package is bought.

Subscription Limitations

Customers can subscribe only one month-to-month SMS bundle at a given point, but there isn’t a limit on once-off purchases, so multiple once-off subscriptions are allowed.

Purchase Multiple Once Off-Sms-Bundles

Vodacom allows its users to buy more than one single-time-purchase SMS bundle, which gives them the freedom to choose how many additional ones they want based upon individual needs.

Validity Of Sms Bundle Subscription And Once-Off-Sms-Bundles

The subscription for a monthly SMS bundle is valid only for one month and must be used within that time frame. Once-off SMS bundles are active for 30 days from the date of activation.

Priority Of Promotional/Loyalty SMSs

Promotional or loyalty messages will always take priority over your purchased SMS bundles. This means if you receive any promotional/loyalty texts, they will be deducted first before using up your bundled messages.

Vodacom’s Right To Change Terms And Conditions

Vodacom reserves the right to change or modify these terms and conditions at any given point in time without prior notice. It is advisable to stay updated with their latest policies regarding SMS bundles.

Subscription process for Contract, Top Up, and Prepaid customers

Contract customers can easily subscribe to an SMS bundle by calling their service provider directly. For Top Up customers who wish to have a month-to-month subscription plan, they too need to call their respective customer care helpline number provided on the website. For prepaid users, it’s as simple as dialing *135# or sending an SMS message containing the relevant keyword like “bundle” to the short code 136.

Checking SMS Balance For Prepaid Customers

Prepaid subscribers can check how many remaining text messages they have left in their current bundle by simply dialing *135#. This quick USSD command provides instant information about the available balance.

Conversion & Migration Of Bundles

If you’re a prepaid user looking to switch between different tariff plans offered by Vodacom, you’ll carry forward the unused portion of your existing package when migrating across various options. For those converting from prepaid to top-up or contract basis, they will retain all benefits until the end of the calendar month, while switching to contracts will forfeit the remainder unless re-subscribed again.

Cancellation of SMS bundle subscriptions

To cancel an ongoing monthly subscription, simply send a specific keyword via a text message (SMS) to 100.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use SMS bundles for international SMSs?

No, the SMS bundles on Vodacom are only valid for national use. International SMSs and premium rated SMSs are not included in the bundle and will be charged separately.

Can I purchase more than one month-to-month SMS bundle?

No, customers can only subscribe to one month-to-month SMS bundle at a time. However, you can purchase multiple once-off SMS bundles if needed.

Can I purchase multiple once-off SMS bundles?

Yes, customers have the option to buy multiple once-off SMS bundles as per their requirements. These once-off SMS bundle purchases do not interfere with your existing subscription or any other active monthly subscriptions.

What happens to my SMS bundle if I migrate to a different prepaid tariff plan?

If you migrate from one prepaid tariff plan to another within Vodacom network, your remaining SMS bundle moves along with you. You don’t lose it during migration, and it remains available for use until its validity period expires.

Can I carry over my SMS bundle if I migrate to a different prepaid tariff plan?

Yes, when migrating between different Prepaid tariff plans on Vodacom, you can carry over your remaining SMS bundle so that they do not go to waste. The unused portion of the existing SMS subscription will be available to you on the new Prepaid service until its validity period expires.

What happens to my SMS bundle when I convert from Prepaid to Top Up?

When converting from Prepaid to Top Up, upon your request, the SMS subscription that you bought as a prepaid customer remains active and usable until the last day of the month in which conversion occurs. After this date, it will expire and cannot be renewed unless another month-to-month subscription is activated.

What happens to my SMS bundle if I convert from Prepaid to Contract?

If you decide to convert your prepaid service into a contract, any remaining SMS bundle will be forfeited at the time of conversion. You will need to subscribe again for an SMS bundle once you are on the contract.

How can I cancel my SMS bundle subscription?

To cancel your current month-to-month SMS bundle subscription, you can send a keyword SMS to 100. This will unsubscribe you from the service and prevent any further charges on your account. Please note that this cancellation does not apply to some one-time purchases of once-off SMS bundles.


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