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How To Buy Airtime With Sassa Card?

What is a Sassa Card?

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) card is a forerunner to the modern credit and debit cards. It’s an electronic payment system that was specifically designed to provide social grant beneficiaries with easier access to their money. The SASSA card works like a regular ATM or debit card, allowing users to make payments and withdraw cash from ATMs at certain merchants across the country.

Benefits of Using A Sassa Card

There are several benefits associated with using the SASSA card:

* Easy Access To Funds: Beneficiaries can access their funds quickly and easily by simply swiping their SASSA cards at any participating merchant.
* Convenience: Users don’t need to carry large sums of cash around anymore which makes it more convenient for them to shop for goods and services without worrying about security risks. Additionally, they no longer need to visit bank branches in order to withdraw or deposit money as they can now do this through the SASSA card’s online banking facility.
* Fraud Protection: As all transactions made using the SASSA card are tracked electronically, it helps protect users from fraudsters who may try and steal their money or personal information.
* Affordable Fees: Most banks charge hefty fees for withdrawing money but since the SASSA Card has no annual fee attached, users save on transaction costs when withdrawing funds via this method compared with other payment systems such as credit/debit cards or even cash withdrawals from ATMs outside one’s own bank branch network..

How To Buy Airtime With Your Sassa Card

Buying airtime with your Sassa card is easy! All you need is an active internet connection so that you can log into your account via various digital channels available such as mobile app, website or USSD code (*120*321#). Once logged in follow these simple steps;

* Select “Airtime Top Up” option on your screen
* Enter your desired amount of airtime in South African Rands (ZAR) then select ‘Continue’ button
* Confirm your details including cell phone number then select ‘Confirm Now’ button
* You will receive confirmation message telling you that purchase was successful

And that’s it! You have successfully purchased airtime using your Sassa Card! However if you experience any issues during this process feel free contact customer care line on 0800 60 10 11 . They will be able assist you resolving any queries related buying airtime with SasasaCard promptly

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