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How To Build A Mine Shaft For A School Project?


Doing a school project on mine shafts can be an exciting and educational experience. It allows students to gain knowledge about the history of South Africa’s mining industry, as well as learn how to build their own mini-mine shaft model. This article will provide some tips and tricks on building your own model that you can use for your school project.

Gather Your Materials

The first step in creating your miniature mine shaft is gathering all the necessary materials. You will need cardboard or foam board, glue, scissors, poster paint or acrylic paint, markers, construction paper or tissue paper for decorations, and other small items such as string and beads for added detail.

Assemble The Shaft

Once you have gathered all of your materials it’s time to start assembling the mine shaft structure itself. If using cardboard cut out two pieces with equal lengths (approximately 10 cm) and one piece slightly shorter than this (about 5 cm). Glue these together to form a triangle shape then secure them with tape if needed. Then cut four more pieces at different heights – these should represent different levels of the shaft which will eventually be connected by tunnels made from smaller cardboard pieces glued inside the larger ones created earlier.

Create Tunnels For The Mine Shaft

Once you have assembled the main parts of the structure it’s time to create tunnels connecting them together so they look like a real mine shaft! To do this use smaller pieces of cardstock folded into tubes then glue them between each level inside your structure so they connect everything together properly before painting over when dry (if desired).

Decorate And Paint

Once everything has been securely put together it’s time to decorate! Use construction paper or tissue paper to make banners representing miners working in various sections within each level – adding details such as beads could also bring extra realism too! When happy with decoration begin painting – use poster paints/acrylic paints depending on what suits best but remember not too much otherwise details may be lost once dry – after applying colour add small personal touches such as names written in marker pen etc…


With patience and creativity constructing a realistic looking mini-mine shaft doesn’t have to be difficult! By following these simple steps you can create something truly unique that is sure impress anyone who sees it – perfect for impressing teachers during those dreaded presentations too!

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