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How To Block A Channel On Dstv?


Are you tired of seeing channels on DStv that your kids shouldn’t watch? Do you want to know how to block a channel on DStv? If so, then this article is for you! In this article we will discuss the various methods available for blocking channels on DStv. We’ll also explore why it’s important to block certain channels and what benefits it can provide. So let’s get started!

What Is Blockable On Dstv?

The first step in understanding how to block a channel on DStv is knowing what can be blocked. Not all types of content are able or allowed to be blocked by the service provider. The most common type of content that can be blocked are adult-oriented material such as movies and shows with explicit language, violence, nudity or sexual scenes. Other types of content may also be eligible for blocking depending upon local legislation or regulations set forth by the service provider.

Why Should I Block A Channel On Dstv?

In addition to providing parents with peace-of-mind when it comes to protecting their children from inappropriate content, there are several other reasons why one should consider blocking particular channels from being viewed through their subscription package: increased savings due not having access unnecessary services; creating better viewing experiences based off personal preferences; avoiding commercials during news broadcasts; and more.

How To Block A Channel On My Decoder/Smartcard Number

Once you have determined which channels need to be blocked, the next step is figuring out how exactly one goes about doing so – luckily enough there are two primary ways in which this task can easily accomplished: via decoder/smart card number (for those who own their decoders) or through parental control settings (for those who rent). Let’s take a look at each method separately:

• Blocking Through Decoder/Smart Card Number – Log into your account online at www.dstvinstallerhubsa .co.za using either your email address associated with the account OR your smart card number located on the back side of any compatible decoder used for viewing purposes; once logged in select “My Account” followed by “Manage Channels & Services” under which options like “Block Channels” appear allowing users access specific information pertaining desired restrictions before confirming choices made accordingly

• Blocking Through Parental Control Settings – If renting rather than owning a decoder these same restrictions may still apply but must instead enable them manually using built-in parental control feature accessible within the main menu itself – simply navigate over until finding correct option then follow instructions given carefully making sure everything entered correctly before saving changes made overall


We hope this article has been helpful in teaching our readers how they easily go about blocking unwanted stations from appearing while browsing through different packages offered by companies like MultiChoice South Africa – if done correctly viewers should no longer see undesirable programs pop up during regular viewings without worry interrupting family time together again anytime soon!

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