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How To Become A Prosecutor In South Africa?

Overview of Prosecuting in South Africa

Prosecuting is a core element of the criminal justice system in South Africa, and those who are chosen to become prosecutors have an important role to play. As a prosecutor, you will be expected to represent the state when it comes to prosecuting alleged criminals. This means that it is your responsibility to ensure that justice is served and that any court proceedings are conducted according to the law. In this article, we’ll take a look at how you can become a prosecutor in South Africa and what qualifications or experience you need.

What Qualifications or Experience Do You Need To Become A Prosecutor?

The first step towards becoming a prosecutor is completing either an LLB (Legal Practitioners) degree from an accredited institution such as University of Pretoria or University of Cape Town, or alternatively completing three years study at an accredited college with subjects including Constitutional Law; Criminal Procedure; Evidence Law; Procedural Law; Human Rights Law; Legal Writing & Drafting Skills and so on. Once these studies have been completed successfully then applicants will need to apply for admission as candidates-at-law with the General Council Of The Bar Of South Africa (GCBSA).

After being admitted as candidates-at-law by GCBSA then prospective prosecutors must complete one year Articles Of Clerkship under supervision with either qualified legal practitioners/attorneys or magistrates before they can appear before court representing clients on behalf of The State/Prosecution Service.

How Can I Apply For Admission As Candidates–At–Law?

After meeting all educational requirements mentioned above, aspiring prosecutors must then apply for admission as candidate -at -law by writing letter addressed directly National Director Public Prosecutions instructing them accordingly . Then they must submit their application accompanied by certified copies qualification certificates , ID documents etc . It should also include other relevant information like work experiences , letters references from past employers etc . All applications should directed office designated person responsible dealing with admissions matters i . e : Director Public Prosecutions – Admissions Department .

After Submitting My Application What Should I Expect?

Applicants may expect feedback regarding their applications within two weeks after submission provided no additional documents required from them thus far failure provide which may result delay processing time up four weeks maximum depending severity situation concern . Successful applicants will invited attend interview panel members appointed National Director Public Prosecutions finalise admission process once all formalities complied with terms conditions imposed upon them met satisfaction thereof


Becoming a prosecutor requires dedication hard work but rewards such efforts tenfold allowing public service society betterment through upholding law due course action taken part making sure guilty punished fairly according merits case involved ensuring innocent freed unjustified accusations brought against them added bonus providing support victims crime scene throughout entire trial period until verdict reached end day .

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