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How To Become A Lecturer In South Africa?


Becoming a lecturer in South Africa is an exciting and rewarding career path. This profession offers the chance to impart knowledge to students of all ages, while also being able to develop your skillset as a teacher. In order to become a lecturer in South Africa, you need to have the right education and qualifications. Here we will look at what it takes to be successful in this role, from entry requirements through to further studies and job opportunities available.

Entry Requirements

The minimum requirement for becoming a lecturer in South Africa is having an Honours or Masters degree relevant for your chosen field of study. Depending on which institution you wish to teach at, additional qualifications may also be required such as teaching certifications or diplomas. You will also need experience working with either children or adults depending on the age group that you wish to teach within higher education institutions.

Further Studies

If you are looking into furthering your studies then there are several options available including completing postgraduate courses such as an MA Education (Higher Education), MPhil/PhD programmes, Postgraduate Certificates/Diplomas in Education (Higher Education) or Postgraduate Diplomas/Certificates in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). It is important that you research each course thoroughly before making any decisions about what would best suit your needs and desired career direction moving forward.

Job Opportunities

Once qualified and experienced within the educational sector it’s time start applying for jobs! There are many different types of lectureship positions available ranging from full-time permanent roles through part-time contracts with universities both locally and internationally offering competitive salaries according these roles responsibility levels associated with them; so make sure do some research first! Additionally don’t forget other sources of employment such private tutoring companies who hire lecturers freelance basis too – good way get extra income diversify yourself professionally speaking!


Becoming a lecturer can be very rewarding but requires dedication hard work ensure success – just like anything else worthwhile life! With right attitude commitment plus correct qualifications experience end result should ultimately lead fulfilling career where help shape future generations come after us here South Africa beyond!

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