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How To Become A Detective In South Africa?


Being a detective is an exciting and challenging career, one that requires dedication and determination. It can also be incredibly rewarding to help bring justice to society. If you’re interested in becoming a detective in South Africa, there are several steps you must take before achieving your goal. In this article we will discuss the various requirements for becoming a detective as well as provide some helpful tips on how to best prepare yourself for the role.

Requirements For Becoming A Detective In South Africa

In order to become a qualified detective in South Africa, there are certain qualifications and skills that must be met or acquired:

  • You must have at least 5 years of experience working in the police force.
  • You should have completed either the Advanced Diploma in Policing or Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited university.
  • You need to pass all necessary exams related to criminal investigation practices.

Training And Preparation

Once these requirements are achieved, it is important that aspiring detectives receive proper training and preparation before taking up their new role of investigating crimes. This includes attending courses such as basic crime scene management, interviewing techniques, evidence collection methods and more.
Additionally, detectives may also benefit from further education if they wish to specialize in particular areas like forensic science or cybercrime investigations.

Skills Required To Be An Effective Detective

Aside from having solid knowledge about criminal investigation practices, it is important for detectives-in-training to possess certain personal skills which include good communication abilities (verbal & written), problem solving capabilities and strong analytical thinking capacities.

They should also demonstrate excellent observation powers with an ability identify clues quickly so they can develop accurate theories while piecing together evidence during investigations.

Moreover, being able detect subtle changes within people’s behaviour when questioned could prove beneficial by providing additional information which could lead them closer towards uncovering suspects involved with different cases. Lastly but most importantly – strong ethics; this helps ensure integrity when handling confidential matters pertaining sensitive cases assigned..


Becoming a successful detective takes hard work as well as dedication – however it can be extremely rewarding once those goals have been reached! We hope this article provided useful insight regarding what is required for aspiring detectives who wish embark on this journey within South Africa!

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