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How To Apply For Sassa Pension?

What Is the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA)?

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) is a statutory body set up by the government of South Africa to administer social assistance benefits. It replaces the former Department of Social Development, which was responsible for this function before SASSA’s establishment in 2017.

In addition to administering cash payments to those who qualify for them, SASSA also provides advice and support services related to financial planning and budgeting. They are also responsible for providing information about other welfare services available in the country.

Who Can Receive a Pension from SASSA?

Pensioners are individuals over 60 years old or disabled persons who have been permanently incapacitated due to an accident or illness. In order to receive a pension from Sasas a person must meet certain criteria, such as having an income that falls below certain thresholds outlined by Sassa each year, not being able to work due age or disability and residing within specific geographical boundaries within South Africa. Persons receiving pensions must submit proof of residence every three months as part of their application requirements with Sassa.

How To Apply For A Pension From SASSA

1) Gather Documents: Before applying for your pension you will need some personal documents such as your identity document, bank statements showing proof of residence address and any medical reports if you are claiming on grounds of permanent disability .

2) Submit Your Online Application: You can apply online through Sassa’s website using their secure online form here https://www.sassa-sa-gov-za/apply/. The process should take approximately 10 minutes depending on how much information you already have at hand when submitting your application form online .You will be required to upload all relevant documentation when submitting your online application including copies of ID documents ,proof of residence etc..Once submitted it could take up 5 working days before someone contacts you regarding approval status etc .If approved – funds can be paid out directly into applicants bank account provided they have supplied banking details on their applications forms otherwise there may be additional delays while waiting for this information .

3) Visit Your Nearest Branch: If preferred –Alternatively – one can visit their nearest branch office where helpful staff members will assist applicants with filling out forms correctly; these offices generally open between 9am–4pm weekdays only so plan accordingly!A list all branches nationwide can be found here https://www.sassacontacts-sa-gov-za/branches/.

4 ) Follow Up On Status Of Applications : Once submitted follow ups may need made via telephone enquiry lines – 0860 007277 or email sassacustomercare@dhsvgsva gov za Customers may need call back more than once if necessary ensure updated status is known & payments received timely manner if approved !


Applying For A pension through SSASA may seem daunting but understanding requirements needed help make process more straightforward & easy understand ,With correct paperwork submission time taken should no longer than two weeks before applicant hearing back regarding outcome acceptance / rejection respective applications !

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