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How People Lived Long Ago?

The Evolution of Living Conditions in South Africa

South Africa has a rich history, and its people have experienced dramatic changes in living conditions over the centuries. From nomadic hunter-gatherers to modern urban dwellers, the country’s inhabitants have adapted and changed with the times. Let’s take a look at how people lived long ago in this nation.

Hunter-Gatherer Tribes

In ancient times, most of what is now South Africa was occupied by small hunting and gathering tribes. These communities were largely nomadic, travelling from place to place as they tracked game or followed seasonal food sources like wild fruits or nuts. They also relied on fishing for sustenance when near rivers or oceans.

Their dwellings were simple huts made from sticks and grasses that could be erected quickly if they needed to move on again soon after arriving at a new spot. These tribes did not own land but shared it among each other according to tribal rules; their way of life revolved around collaboration rather than competition between groups or individuals within them.

Bantu People & Cattle Herders

With time came more permanent settlements as agricultural activities increased due to the arrival of Bantu people who migrated southward across southern Africa beginning around 1000 BC – 500 AD . The indigenous hunter-gatherer tribes encountered by these newcomers eventually adopted some aspects of their lifestyle; one example being cattle herding which became integral part of many cultures in southern African regions including present day South Africans .

European Influence & Apartheid

From 1652 onwards , Europeans began colonizing much of Southern Africa , bringing with them various religions , systems of governance ( along with other cultural influences ) . This period saw large portions land taken away from native populations for use by settlers ; racial segregation laws such as apartheid being implemented during 20th century further limited access rights certain individuals had over resources available within society leading significant social change together associated economic disparities amongst different races inhabiting region today .

Modern Times

Today , living standards vary widely throughout South Africa depending upon an individual’s location socio-economic status etcetera — however overall trend shows that quality life has drastically improved since colonial era with widespread access basic amenities like electricity running water sanitation education etc becoming increasingly commonplace even remote rural areas thanks advancements technology infrastructure development initiatives government policy makers alike .

Overall , it can be seen how far we’ve come since earlier days our ancestors first inhabited area now known as South African continent : while may still face challenges related inequality poverty health care availability pollution levels etc there no doubt country been making great strides toward creating better future generations come !

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