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How Old Is Nosipho From Uzalo?


Since 2015, South Africans have been captivated by the multi-award winning soapie Uzalo. The show has gained a lot of attention over the years for its gripping storylines and top notch acting performances. One character that has become an integral part of Uzalo is Nosipho Mdletshe, played by award-winning actress Masoja Msiza. But how old is she?

Who Is Nosipho Mdletshe?

Nosipho is a young woman who was introduced to the show in 2015 as a rebellious teenager with dreams of becoming an artist. Since then, her story arc has developed into something much bigger than what viewers initially expected. She now works at GCB and still pursues her dream of becoming an artist on the side while navigating life’s challenges such as relationships and family drama. Her character development over time has made her one of the most beloved characters in Uzalo due to her resilience and determination in achieving success despite all odds stacked against her.

How Old Is She?

Masoja Msiza, who plays Nosipho Mdletshe on Uzalo, was born on 17 June 1965 which would make him 55 years old according to 2021 calculations. This means that his character Nosipho would also be around 25 – 30 years old given that he joined the show back in 2015 when he was 50 years old already

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