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How Old Is Mseleku?

The Life and Times of Mseleku

Mseleku, the great African musician from South Africa, is remembered for his lasting influence on modern music. Often referred to as one of the original creators of Kwaito, he has made a major impact on South African culture with his creative blend of traditional Zulu rhythms and Western pop styles. His work has been featured in many films and documentaries, but how old was he when it all began?

Early Years

Mseleku’s career started at a young age in the late 1970s when he joined an Afro-jazz band called The Soul Brothers. He quickly gained recognition for his unique style that combined elements from different genres. As a result, Mseleku became known as a pioneer of Kwaito music which soon became popular throughout South Africa.

At this time, Mseleku was still only 18 years old! Despite being so young, he had already begun to shape the soundscape of contemporary South African music with his inventive use of percussion instruments such as marimbas and drums combined with traditional Zulu songs and beats. In addition to making waves musically, Mseluku also helped create new fashion trends by wearing brightly coloured clothes that blended both urban and rural styles together. This look paired perfectly with his vibrant sound which earned him even more success during this period in history.

Later Career

Throughout the 1980s and 1990s Mseluku continued to be highly active within the local music scene until eventually taking things global in 2001 when he released an album entitled “Kubu” internationally via Sony Music Entertainment Japan Inc.. This album saw wild success due to its unprecedented combination of Kwaito sounds alongside Jazz influences – something that had never been done before! It peaked at number 16 on Billboard’s World Album Chart making him one of very few artists from Africa who achieved international acclaim like this during their lifetime (he passed away just 3 short years later).


Today we remember not only what an incredible talent Mseluku was but also how much passion went into each composition; every song seemed like it held some special meaning behind it because no matter what genre or beat you heard you could tell there were layers upon layers beneath it waiting to be discovered if you listened close enough…and no doubt these same qualities will continue inspiring musicians around the world long after we are gone too!

Through all his hard work over decades spanning multiple countries – plus countless awards won along way too – there can be no denying: Msulelu left quite legacy indeed despite having lived such short life aged between 42-45 depending on source information available online today…the exact date remains unknown…yet questions remain about exactly how long did live?

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