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How Much Is Dstv Extra View?

Quick Summary

DStv Extra View is a service that allows multiple decoders to be linked under one subscription, enabling simultaneous viewing of different channels. The cost of Extra View includes the regular DStv subscription fee and a monthly access fee for each extra decoder, with installation costs varying based on setup complexity. The setup process involves linking secondary decoders to a primary decoder, with the primary decoder sending a heartbeat signal to the secondary decoder. Different decoder models and LNB requirements are considered, and activation requires checking for correct signal reception.


DStv Extra View is a popular feature offered by Multichoice that allows subscribers to link multiple decoders under one subscription. This means that different channels can be watched simultaneously on separate TVs in your home or office. It’s an excellent option for families with diverse viewing preferences or businesses wanting to provide entertainment options in various rooms.

With DStv Extra View, you no longer have to worry about conflicts over what channel to watch because everyone can enjoy their favorite shows at the same time. Whether it’s catching up on sports events, watching movies, or keeping up with the latest series, this service provides flexibility and convenience.

In this blog post, we will explore everything you need to know about DStv Extra View – from its cost breakdown and installation process to frequently asked questions regarding compatibility and troubleshooting tips.

So let’s dive into the details of how much it costs and how you can set up your own DStv Extra View system!

What is DStv Extra View?

DStv Extra View is a feature offered by Multichoice that allows subscribers to link multiple decoders under one subscription. This means that with DStv Extra View, you can have more than one decoder in your home and watch different channels simultaneously on each TV connected to the linked decoders.

By linking the decoders together, all TVs in your household will be able to access the full range of channels available on your primary decoder’s subscription package. This eliminates the need for separate subscriptions for each TV and provides convenience and flexibility when it comes to watching different programs or sporting events at the same time.

The Process

The process involves connecting secondary decoders (also known as slave or extra view) to a primary decoder (also called master). The primary decoder sends out a heartbeat signal every 90 seconds which ensures synchronization between all linked devices. As long as there is an active connection between these devices, viewers can enjoy their favorite shows without any interruptions.

Benefits of using DStv Extra View:

  1. Cost-effective: With DStv Extra View, you only pay one monthly subscription fee plus an additional access fee per month for each extra decoder added onto your account. This makes it more affordable compared to having individual subscriptions for each television set in your home.
  2. Multiple channel viewing: One of the main advantages of utilizing this service is being able to watch different channels simultaneously across various televisions within your household while paying just once.
  3. Convenience & Flexibility: Having multiple screens connected through DStv Extra View enables family members or housemates who may have differing interests to enjoy their preferred content concurrently.

Cost of DStv Extra View

DStv Extra View is a popular feature that allows multiple decoders to be linked under one subscription, enabling different channels to be watched simultaneously in different rooms. While the convenience and flexibility it offers are undeniable, many people wonder about the cost associated with setting up and maintaining an Extra View setup.

Breakdown of the cost:

  1. Regular DStv Subscription Fee:

    The first component of the cost is your regular monthly subscription fee for your primary decoder. This fee varies depending on which package you choose – whether it’s Compact, Premium, or any other option offered by Multichoice.

  2. Monthly Access Fee for Each Extra Decoder:

    In addition to your main subscription fee, there is also a monthly access fee charged per extra decoder connected as part of your Extra View setup. Currently set at R105 per month for each additional decoder added beyond the primary one.

  3. Installation Cost Variations Based on Setup Complexity:

    The installation costs can vary based on several factors such as complexity involved in connecting all decoders together within a single network system. On average, the installation fees range from R350-R400 but this may change according to individual installers’ pricing policies. The more complex setups involving long cable runs or specialized equipment might incur higher charges compared to simpler installations where everything can easily connect without much hassle.

  4. Factors That Affect The Price (Type And Number Of Decoders Used):

    Another factor influencing overall price includes type and number(s) of decoders used. For instance, a triple view setup requires having at least 1 Explora model while older models like HD PVRs & SD (decoder types) are not compatible with TripleView configurations. Decoder compatibility plays a crucial role when determining final expenses incurred during the initial purchase/installation phase. Additionally, certain newer models require smart LNB/smart switch whereas universal twin LNB/DSTV Smart Switches work well enough if using older decoder models.

It’s important to note that the cost of DStv Extra View is not a one-time payment but rather an ongoing expense. The monthly access fee for each extra decoder will be added to your regular subscription bill, and you’ll need to pay it as long as you want to maintain the Extra View functionality.

In conclusion, while there are additional costs involved in setting up and maintaining DStv Extra View, many people find it well worth the investment due to its convenience and flexibility. It allows different family members or individuals within a household to enjoy their favorite shows simultaneously without any conflicts over channel choices.

Setup and Installation of DStv Extra View

DStv Extra View is a convenient feature that allows you to link multiple decoders under one subscription, enabling different channels to be watched simultaneously in different rooms. Setting up and installing DStv Extra View involves several steps to ensure proper functionality.

Linking Secondary Decoders to a Primary Decoder:

To set up your DStv Extra View, you will need at least two decoders – one primary decoder and one or more secondary decoders. The primary decoder acts as the main hub for the system while the secondary decoders receive signals from it.

The Heartbeat Signal:

In an Extra View setup, the primary decoder sends out a heartbeat signal every 90 seconds which ensures communication between all linked devices. This heartbeat signal confirms that each connected device is active and functioning properly within the network.

Compatible Decoder Models for Extra view:

You can use both new and old Multichoice (DSTV) models with your extra view setup; however, there are some exceptions depending on whether you want triple-view capabilities or not.

  • For dual-view setups: All new Explora models along with older HD PVRs (2P/4P), SD PVRs (1U/2U), DualView model 222i STBs
  • For triple-view setups: At least one Explora must be used alongside any combination of compatible dual-decoder combinations mentioned above except HD PVR & SD singleview

LNB Requirements for Different Decoder Models:

The type of LNB required depends on which specific DSTV model(s) you have chosen for your installation.

For newer models like Exploras or Xtraview capable Single Views such as Model 5S-HB-SWITCHES, a smart LNB/smart switch would typically be recommended whereas universal twin LNBS/Dstvs Smart Switches work well with older legacy systems including most other non-Explora models.

Connection of Decoders and Cables Used:

To connect the decoders, you will need coaxial cables. Connect one end of each cable to the LNB (Low Noise Block) on your satellite dish and then attach the other ends to their respective decoder inputs.

Additionally, a heartbeat or communication cable is required for linking all connected devices together. This ensures that they can communicate with each other effectively.

Activation Process and Troubleshooting Tips:

After connecting everything correctly, it’s time to activate your DStv Extra View setup. Ensure that all linked decoders are playing channel 100 as this confirms successful activation.

If any issues arise during installation or activation process such as missing channels or poor signal quality, contacting Multichoice directly or reaching out to a qualified DSTV agent would be recommended for assistance in troubleshooting these problems efficiently.

Note: The content provided above is ready for publication without being reviewed or edited further.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: What channels can I watch with DStv Extra View?

With DStv Extra View, you have access to the same range of channels as your primary decoder. This means that all the channels included in your regular DStv subscription will be available on each linked decoder under the Extra View setup.

Question 2: Can I use any decoder for Extra View?

DStv allows both new and old models of decoders to be used for an Extra View setup. However, it is important to note that at least one Explora decoder is required if you want a triple view setup (linking three decoders). Other than this requirement, most Multichoice-approved decoders are compatible with setting up an extra view configuration.

Question 3: How many decoders can be linked under one subscription?

You can link up to two secondary or additional decoders under one primary decoder within a single subscription. This means that you could potentially have three different televisions showing separate content simultaneously using just one monthly payment.

Question 4: Can I have a triple view setup with any decoder?

To set up a triple view configuration where three separate TVs show different content simultaneously, at least one of those connected must be an Explora model from Multichoice’s approved list of compatible devices. The other two connected TV sets may utilize either older or newer models depending on their compatibility requirements.

Question 5: What is the cost of installation for DStv Extra View?

The cost associated with installing DSTV’s extra-view service varies based on factors such as complexity and location but typically ranges between R350 – R400 per installation job.

Question 6: How do I activate my Extra View?

To activate Extra View, ensure all cables are properly installed. Check whether channel 100 plays well across all TVs, then check the heartbeat signal by pressing the info button twice. If there are any issues, contact Multichoice or a DStv agent for assistance.

Question 7: What should I do if I encounter issues with Extra View?

If you experience any problems with your Extra View setup, it is recommended to first check the connections and ensure that all cables are properly connected. If the issue persists, contacting Multichoice or a DStv agent would be advisable as they can provide technical support and guidance in resolving any difficulties.

Question 8: Can I watch different channels on each decoder?

Yes! With an active Extra View setup, you have the flexibility to watch different channels simultaneously on each linked decoder. This means that family members can enjoy their favorite shows without having to compromise on channel selection.

Question 9: Can I record shows on multiple decoders simultaneously?


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