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How Much Is A Go Kart In South Africa?

Quick Summary

In South Africa, the cost of a new go kart can range from R 41,580 for a Bambino Kart to R 173,000 for a DD2 Kart. Used karts are available at about half the price of new ones. In addition to the kart, there are additional expenses such as safety equipment and accessories. The minimum age to start competitive racing is 5 years old, and it is important to familiarize yourself with the South African Karting Regulations and register for the South African Kart Championships. Practice and preparation are key before hitting the track, and the Championships offer various categories for participants.


Welcome to Askly, your go-to source for answers to common questions in South Africa. In this blog post, we will be discussing the cost of go karts in South Africa. Whether you’re a racing enthusiast or looking for an exciting hobby for yourself or your child, understanding the pricing and options available is essential.

Go karting has gained popularity as a thrilling motorsport activity that allows individuals of all ages to experience the thrill of racing on tracks across the country. From competitive championships to recreational fun with friends and family, there are various ways you can enjoy go karting in South Africa.

In order to get started with go karting, it’s important to have an idea about how much these machines cost. We’ve gathered information from reliable sources regarding new and used karts so that you can make informed decisions when entering this exhilarating world.

So let’s dive into our comprehensive guide on how much a go kart costs in South Africa!

How Much Is a Go Kart in South Africa?

When it comes to purchasing a go kart in South Africa, there are several factors that determine the cost. These include whether you’re buying new or used, as well as any additional expenses associated with owning and racing a go kart.

Cost of New Go Karts:

According to our research from external sources, the price range for new go karts varies depending on the type and model. For instance, a Bambino Kart typically costs around R 41,580 while a MAX Kart can be priced at approximately R 161,000. If you’re looking for something more advanced like DD2 Kart which is equipped with high-performance features such as two-speed transmission system then expect to pay around R 173,000.

Cost of Used Go Karts:

If your budget doesn’t allow for brand-new equipment or if you prefer not investing too much initially into this hobby before fully committing yourself – don’t worry! There’s still an option available- used karts start at about half the price of their newer counterparts but keep in mind that finding something decent may require some patience and thorough searching through various platforms both online (such Facebook Marketplace) offline options might also exist within local communities where enthusiasts gather together share information regarding sales opportunities.

Additional Expenses:

In addition to considering the initial purchase cost of your go-kart itself; it’s important factor other necessary items when calculating total investment required get started properly. Some common examples these would include basic tool box containing essential tools needed maintain vehicle performance levels over time; accessories like trolley fuel container make transportation easier during events races held different locations across country; CIK compliant safety gear including helmet race suit gloves boots ensure driver protection compliance regulations set governing bodies responsible overseeing sport activities taking place throughout nation.

By understanding all aspects related pricing structure involved acquiring maintaining ownership status quo surrounding popular motorsport activity known simply “karting” one can better prepare themselves financially before making any final decisions regarding which path suits them best based individual preferences goals aspirations within this exciting world motorsports.

Types of Go Karts

When it comes to go karting in South Africa, there are different types of karts available for enthusiasts. Each type is designed for specific age groups and skill levels. Here are the three main types of go karts commonly found in South Africa:

1. Bambino Kart:

The Bambino class is specifically designed for young children who want to get started with kart racing at an early age. These small-sized karts feature a restricted engine power output and have safety features tailored to suit younger drivers aged 5 years old and above.

2. MAX Kart:

MAX Karts are suitable for older kids, teenagers, and adults looking to compete in various classes within the sport of karting. The MAX category includes several sub-categories such as Micro MAX, Mini MAX, Junior Max, Senior Max which cater to different ages and experience levels.

3. DD2 Kart:

For those seeking more adrenaline-pumping action on the track, the DD2 (Direct Drive 2-speed) category offers high-performance racing machines. These powerful two-stroke engines provide exhilarating speed along with advanced technical specifications that challenge experienced racers.

Each type has its own set of regulations regarding weight limits, safety equipment, and performance restrictions. It’s important when choosing a go-kart to consider your level of expertise, your budget, and any competitive aspirations you may have. Whether you’re just starting out or aiming to become a professional racer, South Africa has options for everyone interested in the thrilling world of go-karting!

Getting Started in Karting

Kart racing is an exciting and competitive sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. If you’re interested in getting started with karting, there are a few important things to consider.

Minimum Age Requirement:

In South Africa, the minimum age requirement for starting competitive kart racing is 5 years old. This applies to the Bambino class, which is specifically designed for young children who want to experience the thrill of karting at a beginner level.

South African Karting Regulations:

Before diving into the world of kart racing, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the South African Karting Regulations. These regulations outline specific specifications and requirements for each class of karts used in competitions. It’s crucial to understand these rules as they ensure fair competition and safety on track.

Registering for The South African Kart Championships:

To participate in official races and championships within South Africa, such as The South African Kart Championships, you will need to register your race number through your nearest participating kart track or club. These championships offer various categories based on skill levels:

  1. Bambino
  2. Micro MAX
  3. Mini MAX
  4. Junior MAX
  5. Senior MAX
  6. DD2
  7. DD2 Masters

By registering your race number early on during registration periods announced by relevant authorities or organizations overseeing these events ensures that you secure participation slots before they fill up quickly due their popularity among enthusiasts across different regions. Participating clubs organize regional qualifiers leading up national championship rounds where drivers compete against one another showcasing their skills while adherent strictly following set guidelines ensuring safe environment throughout event duration.

Getting started may seem overwhelming initially but taking part provides opportunities not only hone driving abilities but also build camaraderie amongst fellow racers sharing same passion making this journey even more enjoyable. So why wait? Get ready buckle-up, start practicing those laps around tracks near-by today!

Preparing for Karting

Practice and familiarization:

Before hitting the track, it is important to practice and familiarize yourself with karting. This will help you build confidence, improve your skills, and understand the nuances of racing.

One way to practice is by visiting a local kart track that offers rental karts. Renting a kart allows you to get comfortable behind the wheel without making a significant financial commitment upfront. Take advantage of these opportunities to learn about handling characteristics, braking techniques, and cornering strategies.

Additionally, walking the circuit can provide valuable insights into its layout and potential challenges. Pay attention to different lines drivers take through corners as this can impact lap times significantly.

Track and kart setup:

Once you have gained some experience on rented karts or feel ready for competitive racing in your own go-kart vehicle, understanding how to set up your equipment becomes crucial.

Kart setup involves adjusting various components such as tire pressure, chassis stiffness (through torsion bars), ride height adjustments using spacers or shims under axles/wheels – all aimed at optimizing performance based on specific conditions like weather temperature/humidity levels etc., driver preferences/skill level/experience level etc..

It’s essential not only because it affects speed but also safety; an improperly adjusted go-kart may handle unpredictably leading potentially dangerous situations during races/practice sessions alike!

To ensure proper setup:

  1. Consult experienced racers/mechanics who are knowledgeable about setting up go-karts.
  2. Experiment with different settings gradually rather than making drastic changes all at once.
  3. Keep detailed records/logs noting any modifications made along with corresponding results observed while testing them out so future reference/analysis purposes become easier when fine-tuning setups further down line if needed later-on too!
  4. Regularly maintain/check key parts/components including brakes/tires/chains/gears/clutches/engine oil/fuel filters/spark plugs/battery condition etc., to ensure optimal performance and reliability.

Remember, kart setup is an ongoing process that requires continuous learning and adjustment. As you gain more experience on the track, your understanding of how different setups affect handling will improve. Don’t be afraid to seek advice from experienced racers or mechanics who can provide valuable insights into optimizing your go-kart’s performance.

By practicing regularly and fine-tuning your kart’s setup, you’ll be well-prepared for competitive racing in South Africa!

The South African Kart Championships

The South African Kart Championships are highly anticipated events in the karting community. These championships provide an opportunity for talented drivers to showcase their skills and compete against some of the best racers in the country. Let’s take a closer look at the categories within these championships and get an idea of how many participants are involved.

Categories in the Championships:

  1. Bambino:

    • This category is specifically designed for young aspiring racers aged 5 to 8 years old.
    • It serves as a stepping stone into competitive kart racing, allowing youngsters to develop their driving abilities while adhering to specific regulations tailored towards this age group.
  2. Micro MAX:

    • Aspiring karters between 7 and 11 years old can participate in this category.
    • With slightly more advanced specifications than Bambino, it provides young talents with further opportunities for growth before progressing onto higher classes.
  3. Mini MAX:

    • Aimed at drivers aged between 9 and 13 years old, Mini Max offers increased speed compared to previous categories.
    • Participants gain valuable experience on track layouts that demand greater skill levels from competitors.
  4. Junior MAX:

    • The Junior Max class caters primarily toward teenagers ranging from ages 12 to 16 years old.
    • It provides an exciting platform for up-and-coming drivers who wish to continue their karting success and develop their racing abilities further before moving onto the more advanced categories in the future.
  5. Senior MAX:

    • The Senior Max category is the most competitive class in the South African Kart Championships.
    • It has attracted avid interest from experienced racers on the motorsport scene.
    • This category is an ideal stepping stone into advanced levels kart racing, and it showcases the talent of older competitors aged 15 years and above.
  6. DD2:

    • The DD2 category is known for its high-performance karts and intense racing action.
    • It attracts skilled drivers aged 15 years and above who are seeking a challenging competition.
  7. DD2 Masters:

    • The DD2 Masters class caters to experienced racers aged 32 years old or older.
    • It provides them with an opportunity to showcase their skills against similarly seasoned competitors.

Number of Participants:

The South African Kart Championships consistently draw in large numbers of participants from across the country. In fact, over 150 drivers have already signed up to compete in the upcoming championships scheduled for [year]. This demonstrates the popularity and enthusiasm surrounding karting as a competitive motorsport discipline within South Africa.

These well-organized club, regional, and national race days run by officials who love kart racing provide an excellent platform for both aspiring young talents looking to make their mark on the sport as well as more experienced individuals aiming to further develop their skills at higher levels of competition.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of a new Bambino Kart?

According to our sources, the cost of a new Bambino Kart in South Africa is approximately R 41,580.

What is the cost of a new MAX Kart?

For those interested in purchasing a new MAX kart, you can expect to pay around R 161,000.

What is the cost of a new DD2 Kart?

If you’re looking for something more advanced like a DD2 kart, be prepared to spend about R 173,000 on it.

How much do used go karts cost?

Used go karts are available at lower prices compared to brand-new ones. On average, decent quality used karts start at about half the price of their newer counterparts. However, the exact pricing may vary depending on factors such as age and condition.

What additional expenses should I consider?

In addition to buying your go-kart itself, you will also need some essential accessories and safety equipment. These include items like basic toolboxes, kart trolleys, fuel containers, and CIK compliant safety gear such as helmets, race suits, gloves, and boots. It’s important not only for your own protection but also because these items are required by regulations when participating in competitive racing events.

What is the minimum age requirement to start competitive racing?

The minimum age requirement varies based on different classes. In general, in South Africa, the youngest one can begin competing competitively starts from five years old specifically within the Bambino class. However, it’s always recommended that parents or guardians consult with local authorities or clubs regarding specific requirements before enrolling their child into any form of racing activities.

Where can I find The South African Karting Regulations?

To access detailed information regarding specifications for various karting classes and other relevant rules governing this sport, you can refer directly to the website mentioned earlier which provides comprehensive details about these regulations.

How do I register for the South African Kart Championships?

To participate in the prestigious South African Kart Championships, you can start by heading to your nearest kart track and registering. Simply book your race number and follow the necessary procedures outlined by the competent authorities or organizers of these championships.

How should I prepare for karting?

Before diving into competitive racing, it’s important to practice and familiarize yourself with both the track layout as well as the setup of your kart. Walking the driving circuit can help you understand its nuances, and practicing on it will improve your skills. It is also advisable to become familiar with the rules, safety guidelines, and etiquette that apply on-track. This will ensure a smoother experience for both you and your fellow drivers.

How are The South African Kart Championships organized?

The South African Kart Championships is an extensively organized series of club, regional, national race days run by passionate officials who love this sport. These championships are divided into seven main categories: Bambino, Micro MAX, Mini MAX, Junior MAX, Senior MAX, DD2, and DD2 Masters. They provide an opportunity for all skill levels to showcase their talent in this thrilling motorsport event. In fact, the 2023 edition has already attracted over 150 drivers who have signed up to participate. So, get ready to put on your helmet and speed through the adrenaline-fueled action!


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