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How Many Pieces Of Chicken In A 5kg Bag?

What Is A 5kg Bag Of Chicken?

A 5kg bag of chicken is exactly what it sounds like – a large plastic bag filled with five kilograms of raw, frozen chicken pieces. This type of product is popular amongst South African households and can be found in most supermarkets. It typically contains an assortment of different cuts such as legs, wings, breasts and thighs.

How Many Pieces In A 5kg Bag?

The exact number of pieces in a 5kg bag will depend on the size and weight of each individual piece. Generally speaking though, you can expect to find around 20-25 individual pieces in a standard sized 5kg bag. The average weight for each piece ranges from 200g to 300g depending on the cut so keep this in mind when planning your meal ideas!

How To Use A 5Kg Bag Of Chicken

There are countless ways you can use a 5 kg bag of chicken to make delicious meals for yourself or for your family. You could opt for something simple like grilled chicken breasts served with potatoes and vegetables or go all out with an indulgent roast dinner complete with stuffing and gravy! Another great idea is to try making some wholesome soups or stews using the assorted cuts from the bag – they’re sure to warm up those cold winter evenings!

Tips For Storing Your Chicken

It’s important to make sure that you store your chicken correctly if you want it remain fresh until it’s time to cook them up into something scrumptious! Make sure that once opened, the remaining contents are stored immediately back in their original packaging within two hours at 4°C (or below). Any unopened packets should also be kept refrigerated between 0°C – 4°C until ready for consumption. Once cooked however, any leftovers must be discarded after 2 days max as bacteria can start growing rapidly during storage periods longer than this due to food safety regulations set by the Department Of Health & Social Care (DHSC) .


In conclusion, while there isn’t one definitive answer as far as how many pieces come inside a single pack/bag goes; we do know that typically speaking these bags contain anywhere between 20-25 individual pieces per kilogramme depending on their size/weight ratio which usually works out at about 200g -300 g per piece respectively! Furthermore ,it’s essential not only remember proper cooking techniques but also ensure correct storing procedures too so that whatever remains after usage doesn’t spoil easily !

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