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How Does The Celebration Of Heritage Bring Unity?

What is Heritage?

Heritage can be defined as a group of traditions, beliefs and values that are passed from generation to generation. It can also refer to the tangible evidence of culture such as artefacts, monuments and buildings. In South Africa, heritage forms an integral part of our identity and it is celebrated in many ways throughout the country.

Celebrating Heritage Day

In South Africa, we celebrate our heritage every year on September 24th. This day was formerly known as Shaka Day but was changed to Heritage Day by Nelson Mandela in 1996 with the purpose of unifying all cultures under one banner – “to recognise each other’s customs, traditions and beliefs”. On this special day there are various activities held around the country including cultural events like music concerts and street parades celebrating different aspects of culture such as art, language or traditional ceremonies. Other activities include sporting competitions like soccer tournaments or marathons which bring together people from various backgrounds to compete against each other in friendly competition.

The Significance Of Celebrating Our Heritage

By celebrating our heritage we show respect for those who have come before us while also recognizing their contributions to where we are today. By doing so we acknowledge that even though there may be differences between us all these should not stop us from coming together for a common cause – unity! Celebrating heritage strengthens bonds between individuals within communities and encourages mutual understanding amongst diverse groups which ultimately leads to greater harmony across society at large. Additionally, celebrating our collective history helps us remember how far we have come since apartheid ended 25 years ago when segregation based on race was still legally enforced in South Africa; this serves both as a reminder of how much progress has been made since then but also encourages further development going forward into the future!


Ultimately, celebrating our shared history brings people closer together regardless of their background or ethnicity; it reminds us that although there may be diversity among us we are all united through shared experiences which should always be celebrated! So let’s take time out once a year on Heritage Day (September 24th) to reflect upon what makes up your unique individual identity whilst also appreciating everyone else’s around you – afterall it’s only through coming together that true unity can be achieved!

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