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Free Love Tarot What Is He Thinking?

What is a Love Tarot Reading?

A love tarot reading is an ancient way of using the power of tarot cards to gain insight into relationships, particularly romantic ones. This type of divination can be used to reveal what your partner may be thinking and feeling, or even how they feel about you. It’s a powerful tool for gaining clarity on important questions that arise during any stage of a relationship.

How Does it Work?

The most common way to do a love tarot reading is by shuffling the deck and laying out three cards in front of you. These three cards will represent different aspects of the question at hand – past influences, present energies and potential future outcomes. By interpreting these cards together, we can gain valuable insights into our current situation and possible paths ahead. Depending on the context, other spreads may be employed such as Celtic Crosses or more complex layouts with multiple card positions representing different people or situations involved in your query.

What Can You Learn From A Free Love Tarot Reading?

Free love tarot readings are incredibly useful for getting quick answers to pressing questions about your relationship status; whether someone likes you back or if they’re ready take things further romantically speaking etc.. With this type of reading, it can also offer deeper understanding about yourself & your partner’s feelings – which could help couples work through conflicts & make informed decisions moving forward together. It’s even possible to get advice from one’s inner voice & intuition when asking certain types questions as well!

What Is He Thinking Free Reading

This free “what is he/she thinking?” love tarot spread helps us answer yes/no style queries related to our significant others thoughts concerning particular topics within our relationship – such as commitment level & long-term prospects etc.. We start by shuffling the deck before selecting 3 cards from it – each position has its own meaning:

  • Card 1: What does he think right now
  • Card 2: How are his true feelings
  • Card 3: What should I focus on

Interpreting these 3 cards alongside each other will give meaningful information regarding his overall outlook towards our shared connection so far – whether positive or negative progressions have been made since last time we spoke etc.. The final card then gives guidance on where attention needs to go next in order bring balance back into play between two parties (if applicable).


Love tarots provide precious insight not only regarding ourselves but those around us too – helping us navigate tricky conversations better & build healthier bonds over time . While there isn’t always guaranteed accuracy when using this form divination , getting familiar with its methodology makes for great practice sessions nonetheless . So why not try doing some free readings today ? Who knows what kinds mysterious messages await discovery !

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